24 Jan 2013

giveaway: for reaching 1500 followers! - closed

i know i'm 91 followers late to the game, but it's better than not doing anything at all, right? so i reached 1500 followers over xmas and i really just wanted to say a huge, gigantic, enormous thank you for following my blog. i'm not going to go all soppy on you lot, but i really do appreciate it. especially since i've started (terrifyingly) doing youtube, you've all been so supportive and lovely and it genuinely means a lot. i do love the blogging community, i do.

i was going to giveaway some skincare items (like origins masks or something) but everyone's skin is different, so i thought makeup etc would be pretty neutral! you have no idea how much temptation i have had to overcome to not swatch that palette, seriously.

note: the essie polishes and naked palette were bought with my own dollar, but i actually won the brushes in a giveaway. i thought my brushes were looking a bit beaten up, so i was gonna keep them, but after a wash they're not as bad as i thought so i decided to give them to one of you guys!

so, one lucky (and amazing) reader will win:

1 x urban decay naked basics palette
1 x real techniques core collection brush set

3 x essie polishes in bikini so teeny, orange it's obvious and we're in it together

so if you want to win all of the above...

it's the same set up as my previous giveaways. call me old fashioned but i like writing the entries out, checking them and getting rid of those ridiculous giveaway accounts! hence no rafflecopter (i can't stand it).

anyways, mandatory entries, you must do these to enter!

1. follow my blog on GFC (at the bottom of the page)
2. follow my twitter here

additional entries (do whichever ones you like)

1. subscribe to my youtube here - 1 extra entry
2. follow me on bloglovin' here - 1 extra entry
3. follow me on pinterest here - 1 extra entry
4. follow me on hellocotton here - 1 extra entry
5. follow me on instagram at thelovecatsinc - 1 extra entry
6. mention my giveaway on instagram with a picture and link to my instagram name - 1 extra entry
7. tweet about the giveaway with: ' i've just entered @thelovecatsinc's giveaway to win the naked basics palette, RT brushes & essie: http://www.thelovecatsinc.com/2013/01/giveaway-for-reaching-1500-followers.html #fbloggers #bbloggers ' - 1 extra entry
8. mention this giveaway in a blog post - 3 extra entries

how i'd like you to set your entry out (copy+paste all of it and fill in where applicable):

blog url/GFC name:
twitter name:
contact email:

youtube name:
bloglovin' name:
pinterest name:
hellocotton name:
instagram name:
mention on instagram: yes/no
tweet URL:
blog post URL:

if you don't want to do any of the extra entries, just don't fill that bit in!

this giveaway is open internationally and will run from jan 24th until the 17th of february!

this giveaway is now closed!

good luck and thank you again for following my blog!

ps. make sure you've checked out these amazing shops: tribal blaze, for some cute and cheap jewellery (15% off with 'thelovecatsinc') and polkadot dreams, who make the most adorable accessories. oh and don't forget georgina's sweet blog!

[follow with GFC at the bottom of the page]

check out my sponsors for this month: the adorable paige, who runs the beauty blog paigeypumpkin, she does great reviews / barratts shoes, who have a huge sale on at the moment / and kelly who runs the beauty and fashion blog kelloves!
if you would like to advertise on this blog or want to send me something to review, please check out my sponsors section!
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  1. Amazing give away! Well done on the followers, well deserved :)

    blog url/GFC name: fineandbambi
    twitter name: lucejarviss
    contact email: [email protected]

    pinterest name: Lucy Jarvis
    tweet URL: https://twitter.com/lucejarviss/status/294442054178725888

    lucy xxxx

  2. Aw Helen, your giveaways are aways the best, so generous! Couldn't not enter! :) looking forward to getting my bag in the post too! Beaut :) xo

    name: Lauren Potts
    blog url/GFC name:iamlaurenpotts.blogspot.co.uk
    twitter name: pottsy_
    contact email: [email protected]

    youtube name:
    bloglovin' name:
    pinterest name: pinterest.com/iamlaurenpotts
    hellocotton name:
    instagram name:iamlaurenpotts
    mention on instagram: yes/no
    tweet URL:
    blog post URL:

  3. ahhh i would love to win this!

    name: sophie nightingale
    blog url/GFC name: simple sophie
    twitter name: @sophnightingale
    contact email: sophienightingale (at) hotmail.co.uk

    youtube name:sophienightingale (at) hotmail.co.uk
    bloglovin' name: simple sophie
    tweet URL: https://twitter.com/sophnightingale/status/294442554773090305



  4. Fantastic giveaway! I have been reading constant reviews on all of these products and they have all been great so am keeping my fingers crossed.

    name:Louise Gleeson
    blog url/GFC name:SwirliciousBeauty
    twitter name:@swirliciousb
    contact email:[email protected]
    pinterest name: SwirliciousBeauty
    hellocotton name: SwirliciousBeauty
    tweet URL: https://twitter.com/SwirliciousB/status/294442535357652993


  5. oh wow, I'd love to win this, I've had ,my eye on the naked palette for ages;

    name: Lori Thomson
    blog url/GFC name: www.glasgowbeautyblogger.com
    twitter name: @GlasgowBBlogger
    contact email: [email protected]

    youtube name: xmisslorix
    pinterest name: Glasgowbeautyblogger
    Hellocotton: GlasgowBeautyBlog
    bloglovin name: GlasgowBeautyBlogger
    tweet URL:https://twitter.com/GlasgowBBlogger/status/294443220593692672



  6. Wow this is a fantastic giveaway :)congrats on your 1500 + 92 followers :) xo

    name: Valeria Strusi
    blog url/GFC name: http://builldinghopes.blogspot.it/ / Valeria
    twitter name:@theblondeterror
    contact email:[email protected]

  7. Congratulations on the massive amount of followers :)

    name: Amy McCann
    blog url/GFC name: nailthelook.blogspot.com - Amy McCann
    twitter name: amy_oh8
    contact email: [email protected]

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    instagram name: amyoh8
    mention on instagram: yes
    tweet URL: https://twitter.com/amy_oh8/status/294443841879158785

  8. Awesome giveaway! Fingers crossed eh!
    I've got a giveaway running over at my blog too if your interested! :)

    name: Erica Henderson
    blog url/GFC name: www.sushiturtlesandlife.blogspot.com Erica Henderson
    twitter name: @ericahenderson
    contact email: [email protected]
    youtube name: Ericalamhenderson
    pinterest name: Beans and treats



  9. name:Daisy Kent
    blog url/GFC name: iamdaisyalice.blogspot.co.uk/ daisy.ak
    twitter name: @iamdaisyalice
    contact email: [email protected]

    bloglovin' name: Daisy Boo

    I'd love to win this! Such a great giveaway!

  10. Amazing giveaway! Congrats on the followers lovely!

    name: julia henderson
    blog url/GFC name: www.juliaalicee.blogspot.com/ julia henderson
    twitter name: juliaalicee
    contact email:[email protected]


  11. Ah these polishes are so pretty! Congrats on the 1500 followers too!!

    name: Alex Maceachern
    blog url/GFC name: Alexandra Maceachern
    twitter name: @alexmaceachern
    contact email: alex-maceachern@hotmail

    youtube name: Alex Maceachern Bambella
    bloglovin' name: Bambella (I think haha!)
    pinterest name: Alex Maceachern
    instagram name: alexmaceachern
    mention on instagram: yes
    tweet URL: https://twitter.com/AlexMaceachern/status/294446347501830144


  12. name: Fiona
    blog url/GFC name: Scallywag is my google, blog is http://cadsandscallywags.blogspot.co.uk/
    twitter name: ScallywagSprint
    contact email: [email protected]

    youtube name: ixfionaxi
    bloglovin' name: I do follow you on bloglovin, promise! But how do I find out my bloglovin name?! :S
    instagram name:scallywagsprint

    So 4 entries overall :)

    Thanks so much for holding this- really great giveaway!

  13. Oooh I really hope I win - want the brushes and palette so bad!

    name: Emily Wright
    blog url/GFC name: Emily Alice
    twitter name: emilyaliceslife
    contact email: [email protected]

    youtube name: misstilly91
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    The Life of Emily-Alice

  14. name: CJ Surita
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  15. Name: Chloe
    blog url/GFC name: Chloe is my google and my blog is http://moonchild-chloe.blogspot.co.uk/
    twitter name: @mischloehillier
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    youtube name: ChloeMoonChild
    bloglovin' name: Moonchild (I think!)

    Chloe xxxx

  16. Oohh fab prizes! Congratulations on reaching such a milestone x

    name: charlotte dougall
    blog url/GFC name: www.coloursandcarousels.com / Charlotte Dougall
    twitter name: colourscarousel
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  17. Those essie colours are so pretty!
    name: Emma LF
    blog url/GFC name: Emma LF
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    tweet URL: https://twitter.com/emmahatescats/status/294447940171345920

  18. I follow your blog via gfc, and twitter please enter me :) And congrats on so many followers! x

    Kim Parslow
    twitter: @kimparslow
    email: [email protected]

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  20. name:Bia
    blog url/GFC name: Bia Mion
    twitter name: @BiaMion
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  21. Wow, fab giveaway, thank you!

    name:Emily Paterson
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  22. Congratulations on reaching so many followers!

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  23. Well done on reaching that many followers that is amazing :)
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  24. Congratulations!

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  25. name: Eleriin
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  26. Congrats :) xx

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  27. Awesome giveaway lovely!

    name: Mishelle
    blog url/GFC name: http://www.mishellesleepytime.com/
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  28. Amazing giveaway! I would love to win!

    name: Zoe
    blog url/GFC name: http://thelittleworldofzo.blogspot.co.uk/ Zoe x
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  29. blog url/GFC name:Cara, pearlsandtears.blogspot.co.uk
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  30. oh my gosh, this is just perfect!

    name: Anni
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  31. name: Rossyana
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    Thank you.. wish me luck ^^

  32. WOOO! Congrats! Love all the items here!
    name: debbie
    blog url/GFC name: debbie
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  33. Amazing stuff! fingers crossed =)

    name: Lorna B.
    blog url/GFC name: Lorna
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    mention on instagram: no
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    thanks for the opportunity !

  34. Congrats on getting over 1500 followers! I wish I could have so many amazing readers someday :)

    name: Kelly S
    blog url/GFC name: Miss K / turquoisedreaam.blogspot.com
    twitter name: M1sssK
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  35. wow what an amazing giveaway, so generousness and congrats on the huge amount of followers, you deserve it :)

    name: Kelly
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  36. name:Katie
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  37. name: Jo
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    Fab giveaway, congrats on 1500 followers! :) xx

  38. Oooft, thanks for the amazing giveaway you babe! Congrats on hitting 1500 too :) xo

    name: Catherine
    blog url/GFC name: ladyliquorvtg.com / Lady Liquor Vintage
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  39. Congrats on the followers lovely :)
    name: Jaz
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    bloglovin' name: I think it's Jaz xo I don't know sorry :(
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  40. Thank you and congrats :D

    name: Tania
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  41. what a fab giveaway
    wowzaaaaa again ;) haha
    blog url/GFC name: www.amypytcom
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  42. name: Nicole Baxter
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  43. Congratulations :-)

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  44. Congrats on 1500!(:

    name: Paige
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  45. Congratulations! ;-)
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  46. name: Rebekah
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  47. name: ROSIE ASHLEY
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  48. name: Amy
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  50. Congratulations!

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  51. Name: Victoria
    GFC: vcarr41
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  52. Congratulations on reading such a great milestone :)



  53. name: Bronwyn Bower
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    such a brilliant giveaway!!

  54. name: Liv
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  55. Congratulations, been reading your blog for a while so nice to see so many followers!
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    Congratulations! xxx

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    amazing milestone and giveaway! I have my fingers crossed :) x

  58. Amazing giveaway thanks :)

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  59. it would be selfish of me to enter as I have most of that stuff already! But congratulations anyway, you have a lovely blog :) x

  60. name: Krystal Harvey
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    Congratulations lovely xx

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    thanks for the giveaway! xx

  65. Ahhh thanks for the giveaway! These are all items that I've actually been eyeing for awhile now! (Specifically the makeup brushes, and the Essie Nail Polish in Bikini So Teeny).

    name: Amy Narunatvanich
    blog url/GFC name: http://moonnchild.blogspot.com
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  105. your giveaways are the best ones haha, i don't think i'll win because i can't complete most of the extra enties (i'm really sorry:() but...

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    Char x


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    Best giveaway I've seen so far.

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    1. Sorry - the link to my Tweet - https://twitter.com/kezzaseery/status/294552591013130240

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    1. Oops, My instagram name is: Juffzz, sorry!

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    good luck everyone, fab prize :) x

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    This is such a generous giveaway! Well done for reaching 1500 followers, that's amazing!

    Eloise - eloisecamille.blogspot.com x

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    Amazing giveaway! Congrats on such a landmark- Good luck everyone :)

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    GOOD LUCK ALL :) and congrats on 1500 (1591) :)

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    Congratulations on the followers!! xx

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    Awesome giveaway :)
    Yasmin xx

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    Thank you for this giveaway, I so want to try out this palette :)

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    THANK YOU for doing another great giveaway! I would love the Naked Basics Palette and the Real Techniques brushes so badly! :')

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    i am a silent follower ....i love to win these....hoping to win..:)

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    Thank you!

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    Love looking at your blog.

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  179. looks great! my dream is to own that naked palette haha. I have one of the brushes too, theyre fab :)

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  182. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  190. congrats on getting to 1500!!

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    My full name doesn't seem real anymore haha, congrats on the follower count X

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    thankyou for this awesome giveaway! :) xx

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