10 Things You Should Do For Yourself


In the spirit of this being the year to get stuff done (as I have now proclaimed it to be), I thought I’d put together a little list of easy things you can do for yourself this year. We tend to get wrapped up in so much, whether it’s relationships, friends, work etc so it’s nice to step back and do something just for you and your happiness every once in a while. It doesn’t have to be a big commitment either…

One: Rid Yourself of Toxic People | Got that one person on your Facebook who always brings you down? Or follow that Instagram account that makes you feel sick every time you look at it? Delete them. I’m a big believer in getting rid of toxic people as you don’t need that negativity in your life. Sometimes it’s harder to do this depending on who it is, but even distancing yourself can make a big difference to your happiness.

Two: Time For Yourself | Set aside some time completely for yourself each day, even if it’s just 10 minutes. Gather your thoughts, do some yoga or have a good stretch, have a nice bubble bath, read a chapter of a book – just be by yourself with no interruptions from people or technology.

Three: Exercise | Everyone has healthy resolutions, don’t they? Try and move your body every day, whether that’s taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking to the shop instead of taking the car or doing that workout DVD three times a week. It’ll make you feel so much better!

Four: Be Aware of What You’re Eating | This doesn’t mean you have to cut out the pizza, but be aware of those little habits that might be bringing you down. Can you not get through the morning without chocolate? Try having a more balanced breakfast. Do you always have 3 sugars in your tea? Try two, then one, then quit. Make little changes and your body will thank you for it. Oh and drink loads of water, it’s insane how much more alert you feel!

Five: Save Some Cash | I know some of us aren’t in a position to save and that’s ok, but if you could then definitely do. Try bringing lunch in twice a week instead of buying it every day, return those items you’ve kept because they ‘might be ok’ and set yourself a little goal to evaluate at the end of the month.

Six: Make Plans | It’s always nice when you have something to look forward to, right? Make monthly plans to go somewhere, even if it’s just a restaurant or to try a new bar or to meet up with friends you don’t see so often.

Seven: Stop Being So Hard On Yourself | I think this is the most important thing and something I’m working on. We all have flaws and you can either change them or accept them. Want to lose weight? I bet you’re beautiful as you are, but if you want to lose a few pounds (for you and no one else), then actually do it instead of beating yourself up every day.

Eight: Get Stuff Done | My biggest flaw is procrastination. Unless I have a solid to do list, then I tend to drift and find lots of unnecessary crap to do and avoid the main thing that’s waiting to be completed. Tackle the worst task early on and you’ll find you’ll breeze through your to do list after that.

Nine: Put Some Clothes On | ooh errr. What I mean by this is on your days off, make half an effort for yourself. Shove your bra on (I know, it’s rubbish) and throw some jeans or leggings on with a jumper. Brush your hair and wash your face. You’ll feel so much better than wearing the same pjs you’ve had on for the last three nights and I bet you’ll find you’re more productive!

Ten: Sit Up Straight | If you work at a desk a lot, you’ll find your shoulders are definitely more hunched even if you think they’re not. Try and create space between your ears and the tops of your shoulders by pushing them down and opening your chest a little. Not only does it work wonders for your posture, but prevents a lot of back pain in the long run!

Will you be implementing any of these?

Helen x
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