today: that coat again and stress

coat (similar here), jeans (here) and boots (similar here and here): topshop / jumper: zara (similar here) / bag: D&G / watch: MK (here)

these boots have been sitting in my shoe rack for months now without even a glance in their direction. why? i have literally no idea. my attention has been solely focused on how much i’d love these boots from all saints, that i’ve forgotten i have an extremely similar shaped pair already in my arsenal.
and therein lies the problem: i lust after the same type of things all the time. despite the fact that i’ve hardly bought any clothes recently, everything on my wishlist has a pretty similar vibe. my outfits on here are quite samey and, although this blog is about honesty and showing you what i actually wear, i feel like i look a bit dull? this isn’t me asking for an ego massage in the comments, it’s more a reminder to myself to change things up a little!
this is a shorter post than usual because i could literally cry at the amount of work i have to do. my trip to marrakech next week is possibly the worst timed thing i’ve ever done! the monday after i come back is my magazine pitch, so i have to finish the powerpoint and media pack this week. wahhhh etc.

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