today: bits and bobs

coat: oh my love* (here) | shirt (similar here), jeans (here) and boots (similar here): topshop | jumper: H&M (similar here) | necklace: ebay (similar-ish here) | bag: chanel (similar here) | watch: michael kors (here)
no idea why these photos are blurry! haven’t got a clue how to fix them either. 
oh hey dark circles! i wasn’t gonna have my face in these properly, but then i thought it’s christmas and you have to be nice at this time of the year, so let’s forget they’re there, ok? ok. 
i wore this to pop out to the collection office as i missed a parcel. managed to persuade my brother-in-law to drive me there as i didn’t fancy going out in the rain! having wondered what i had ordered all the way there, i was pleasantly surprised that it was a gift from oh my love! i had forgot all about it coming so i’m so, so happy it’s arrived before christmas. it fits so nicely and i love the fur collar. aaah, it’s a new favourite!
also i have a few bits and pieces that i’ve been meaning to feature for a while now, but have either a) not had time or b) not had the motivation! i hope post christmas/new year brings me a bit more get up and go as i’ve been feeling massively run down recently. 
i received these amazing gloves from etre and they’ve been permanently glued to my hands when i’m out the house. they’re made from all british materials and are so wonderfully soft. i used to hate wearing gloves, especially having a touch screen phone, but having the thumb and index finger missing is so handy! i’d whole heartedly recommend them! you should definitely take a look at their website, especially if you’re stuck for something to buy a guy!

this is another little present i received from marc b in the form of their radleigh bag! it’s such a great size for every day use and i love all of the gold hardwear. the leather is so soft and, you’ll know from me always using my D&G bag, that i do adore a good triple zip! it also comes with a shoulder strap which is an added bonus. marc b have such a great range on their website, and in topshop, so you should definitely take a look if you’re in the market for a reasonably priced (but amazing quality) bag!

 this is the theme of my christmas presents this year. i bought the wrapping paper from ikea and the ribbon was from ebay (99p for 60m!). i love the candy cane stripes!

i’m not a particularly huge christmas person but i always have to bake something vaguely festive each year. this time i made cupcakes for my boyfriends mum, as she’s lovely and if i wanna be with my bf for a while, i have to remain on her good side haha.  i hope she likes them though, they’re cherry and almond flavour and do taste quite nice if i say so myself. 
hope this post isn’t too long and that you’re having a lovely christmas eve!

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