My #HairClique Appointment with Regis Salons UK


A new hair style with regis uk


You may have noticed the odd tweet and mention on my Instagram, but recently I have been working with Regis Salons on all things hair. The other day, I went off to my local salon - Mops, Newcastle - to have my hair restyled and boy, did it need it.

I hadn't had my hair done since before Christmas, so the collarbone length style I usually have was well overgrown and desperately needed a good chop. When my hair is its usual length, I like to mix it up by wearing it either straight or wavy, but when it's longer I feel like it looks lank when it's straight, so I couldn't wait to get it back to the way I like it!

The salon - and its staff - are very welcome and inviting. The salon has a large floor space, but everything was tidy and organised which I really like. A lot of the tools and products are cleverly hidden behind the mirrors, so it's more of a chic space which I love. There's also plenty of haircare available from Kerastase, Redken, Wella and more, so if you like any of the products used, you can snap them up on the day to take home.

I had my hair cut by Daniel who is one of the lead stylists at the salon. He was really nice and great to have a chat with - no 'so, are you going on holiday this year then?' chat from him! He cut my hair just as I wanted it, which is collarbone length, slightly longer at the front with long layers to add a bit of body. He also styled it really well when I left the salon and curled into perfect beachy waves it in just six sections - so good and so quick! I need to try it out at home for sure.

All in all, I had such a lovely experience with Regis and would recommend the salon to anyone! Now, let's talk about my rules for ensuring you get a good hair cut every time.


Rule One: Consider Your Lifestyle

There's no point in getting a super sharp cut that requires styling every day, or going white blonde or dyeing your hair a crazy colour if you can't be bothered with the upkeep. I get my hair done with a simple balayage that grows out naturally, so if I don't get my hair done for four months, it really doesn't matter. My tip is to get hair that you can, quite frankly, be bothered with!

Rule Two: Don't Be Afraid to Ask

If you don't think your hairdresser put enough highlights in or it's not quite cut the way you want it, then ask for it to be altered. Instead of saying 'yeah, it looks great' when you secretly wish it was an inch shorter - say something! I'm a big believer in getting what you pay for.

Rule Three: Don't Let a Good Hairdresser Go

Once you find a good hairdresser and one that just gets your style, never let them go! If you haven't found one you love yet, try somewhere new. Regis have so many salons up and down the UK, so it's worth checking them out to find a stylist.

This post has been a collaboration with Regis UK