3 Beauty Products I Currently Can’t Live Without


You know those products that you tend to reach for day in day out? Or when you try to switch them out to use more of your stash and you sort of miss them? These three fit that description perfectly.

I recently repurchased the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade after using a pencil for around three weeks and I genuinely forgot how much I had missed it. Nothing makes my brows look as nicely shaped or makes them stay in place – while still managing to look natural – than this product! I use the shape ‘Taupe’ and it’s cool toned enough to match my brows, while giving them an insane amount of definition along with colour. For £16, which I get around six months use out of, I genuinely have zero complaints and won’t go as long without it again.

I used to have such a lazy relationship with highlighters, ie. I love them but always forgot to use them. I’ve been keeping the Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter for months now and it’s honestly my favourite in my collection. It’s the idea texture – creamy and blendable – and give such a gorgeous, natural highlight to the cheekbones, cupids bow and down the middle of your nose. It’s pearly perfection!

Finally, we have the primer I’ve been addicted to and it’s the Too Faced Hangover Primer. I think I’ve pretty much used the entire tube now, but it’s one I will definitely repurchase. Infused with coconut water, this primer is hydrating and soothing on the skin, plus it offers such a lovely, smooth base for foundation. If you’re in the market for a new primer, do check this one out.

So, that’s my roundup of beauty essentials! I definitely recommend snapping them up (maybe check out Vouchershops.co.uk for latest and exclusive voucher codes to see if you can bag a discount) so let me know if you do!

What beauty items are you obsessed with right now?

Helen x