5 of the best Modern Book to Film Adaptations


Over the years Hollywood has seen many film adaptations of best-selling books to varying degrees of success. Some have gone on to be some of the most widely respected and critically acclaimed films of all time, while others have gone on to be, well…less successful. Filmmaking isn’t easy, so add the uncertainty of trying to please a passionate fan base of readers, producing a film based on a popular book does not necessarily guarantee a good movie.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 5 of the best modern book to film adaptations ever…read on to find out if you agree!

The Shawshank Redemption
Based on a book by Stephen King called Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, the Big Screen adaptation is often cited by many as their favourite film of all time. Directed by Frank Darabont, the movie stars Tim Robins and Morgan Freeman, as Robins’ character Andy Dufresne deals with the vagaries of prison and yearns for freedom and redemption.

The Harry Potter Saga
Based on the series of books by JK Rowling about a boy wizard, the Harry Potter saga inevitably ended up on the big screen after topping book sales and paperback charts. The film adaptation made Harry Potter a household name by capturing the hearts of the books’ readers and new fans alike over several films at the cinemas.

James Bond Films
The British secret agent needs no introduction, neither does his favourite line. Whether shaken or stirred, 007 has been thrilling fans over many years of James Bond films based on the books by Ian Fleming.

Debates about film adaptations of books are as old as the first tome-based movie but this franchise is one that few would argue about. As proof, James Bond movies are cited in similar lists on the web, such as this book-to-film list by Royal Vegas. James Bond has been played by some of the world’s leading actors and is currently being played by British actor Daniel Craig.

The Lord of the Rings
This is one of the only other book-to- film adaptations to capture the imagination of filmgoers of all ages in the same way that the Harry potter series did. Despite Lord of the Rings being a trilogy of films that are each over a couple of hours long, the movies went on to become very successful in their own right.

Fight Club
One of the roles that made Brad Pitt a household name, his portrayal of the confident protagonist in the film has made the film into a cult classic. Based on Chuck Palahniuk’s novel of the same name, Fight Club did not do well at the box office upon release but subsequently became one of the best known films in modern culture.

Movies are a great way to experience some of the world’s best works of literature, and while most films help to enhance our experience of books, some may ruin them. The list of the 5 best book-to-film adaptations ever above reflects some of the best retellings of literary works onto the big screen.

Helen x