5 Foodie Tips for Clearer Skin #AD


Super delicious avocado on toast with mozarella and parma ham - my fave lunch plus the avo is amazing for your skin! 

As you guys will know, I've been working with Proactiv+ on a lot of skincare posts recently! I've been testing out their range to see if it can keep away my blemishes - final results post coming soon - and I must admit, I am impressed. So, in today's post and in the spirit of January (the month of sorting out your diet) I wanted to chat about some simple, practical tips for improving your skin from the inside out!

1. Drink Lots of Water.

Water is literally the key to life, I swear, yet we all (myself included) forget to drink as much as we should on a daily basis. Not drinking enough causes so many issues, from skin looking duller to causing a bad back - seriously, I went through a really bad phase of being rubbish at drinking water and my kidneys were giving me a sign (via pain in my mid-lower back). So, ensuring you get enough fluids - not alcohol - is crucial! I know when I drink enough, my dark circles get better and my skin just looks a thousand times better. 

2. Cut the Crash Diets.

Oh January, the month of trying out new diets! If you're going from eating normally to only drinking a juice or lemon, cayenne pepper and honey, then your skin will probably freak out. Sure, cut out the junk food and replace it with good things, but trying one fad diet after the other week after week will have a terrible effect on your skin. 

3. Watch Your Sugar Intake.

One thing I noticed when I was a teen was that when I ate nothing but chocolate, my skin looked like crap. When I cut it out, my blemishes were reduced. I know, I know, it's the most obvious thing on the planet as sugar is terrible for you, but if teenage sweets addicted Helen can figure this out, then 27 year old Helen should remember it. Your skin reflects what you eat and what your body is doing, so if you eat rubbish then it won't look its best. Keep an eye on your sugar intake and try to keep the share-bag-of-Minstrels-scoffing to a minimum. 

4. Opt for the Good Stuff.

There's so many foods that are good for you and your skin: from delicious avocados that are rich in vitamin E and healthy fats, to brazil nuts that contain selenium which can fight age spots and sun damage. Ensuring you get a good varied diet is not only important for your body as a whole, but your skin will definitely benefit from all of the extra vitamins and minerals. 

5. Get Some Omega's.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 are essential fatty acids that are only obtained through your diet, as your body doesn't make them. They encourage the body to create anti-inflammatory compounds so are great for fighting acne and calming down blemishes. You can find this good stuff in oily fish - like salmon - and also in chia seeds, linseeds, walnuts and rapeseed oil.

This post is a collaboration with Proactiv