A Few Wardrobe Updates + Top Sale Picks


Who’s been shopping the sales this season? I wasn’t going to, but a few things that I’d wanted for a while popped up on my radar so they found their way into my basket! You can’t say no to money off, can you…


If you saw my snapchat when these parcels arrived, you’ll have seen a lot of these already, but I’ll run through the pieces I got! First and foremost, the Acne Jaycee Loafers. These have been in and out of my online basket more time than I can count, so when I saw them at half price I knew it was meant to be. They’re the perfect pointed slip on shoe, with the right amount of heel a bit of detail from the silver at the front – I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of them!

Another pair of shoes I’d been eyeing up for months is the lace up beauties from Whistles. Believe it or not, I only own (now) three pairs of heels that I can actually walk in. My staple wedge boots, some lace up boots from Daniel Footwear (which my sister has stolen) and now these. I took some outfit photos in them yesterday and was so surprised how easy they are to walk in! Definitely my go to heel from now on.

From ASOS, I picked up three little things. First, a pair of black trousers which stop at the ankle, making them the perfect length to wear with flats and boots because that look is my favourite. They’re unbelievably comfortable so I’d 100% recommend them. I also picked up some that are sort of similar, but in navy (and only £9.50!), and I’m contemplating taking them up to the same length as they’re a bit slouchier with them being from the tall section. Which, by the way, is my new favourite place! Trousers that actually fit? Yes please! Finally, the most stand out piece is that amazing burgundy suede wrap skirt – how perfect is it? It fits like a dream and looks so pretty on. I’m gonna wear it with everything from heels to trainers and chunky jumpers.

Finally, although it wasn’t a sale purchase, was that little Michael Kors Mini Selma Bag from Zalando. It’s the cutest size to fit your purse and essentials in, so you can crack on sale shopping without worrying about carrying a huge bag around. The colour is so perfect too, it’ll go with everything from the last AW looks to pretty Spring dresses. I really rate Kors as a more affordable designer, as the style of this bag is a classic and the leather is tough so it’ll last you an age! Zalando have an awesome sale on at the moment too, so you can find loads of MK bags at a discount.

Aaand finally, I’ve been trawling the internet to find the best bargains so make sure you have a scroll through to get a head start on your 2016 wardrobe…

What have you bought in the sale?

Helen x
ps. check out this lovely blog: Carly Wynn!