A New Custom Blog Design

Custom blog design by pipdig wordpress migration blog templates

So, here it is. My new blog design that I’ve been waiting an absolute age to get. I’d been pestering my boyfriend at pipdig to code me up somethin’ since May, but his workload has been absolutely insane (mostly doing other people’s blog designs, ya bunch of bitches) so mine got pushed to the back of the queue.

I didn’t quite let it go, however, so took it upon myself to design myself a new layout in Photoshop so he had something to go off (instead of my ‘err this looks cool’ *points at website* patchwork way of doing things). He’s just completed quite a few amazing custom designs and learned some things which were implemented on here, so I’m mostly glad I had to wait as I’ve got a much more complex design.

Sooo, how do you like it? I’ll be tweaking a few things here and there and re-writing the pages over the next week or so, but as a base design I’m really pleased with it. I love how I can still keep my overall quite clean aesthetic, but with some added features to hopefully give all you lovely readers more of an experience when you click through to my ol’ blog.

Aside from my boyfriend doing the code, the lovely Beca Hart did my header and the icon you can see in the footer. We went with the brief of having a handwritten, brushstroke style header and she was utterly amazing, coming back to me with so many designs. She’s wonderful to work with and got the idea of what I was wanting immediately – go check out her website (complete with shop) and her instagram, but I’d 100% recommend working with Beca if you’re after a header or some custom print work.

I feel much more inspired to blog now that I have it, as I feel like it encourages me to work a little bit harder and be less ‘that’ll do’ with everything, as I was before – Let me know what you think of my new design!

I’m up for ‘best longstanding fashion blog’ in the bloggers blog awards – go vote for me if you like my little blog! Also, check out my updated blog sale, as it must end soon!

Helen x
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