arrived: jeffrey campbell order

left: throwdowns and right: lita’s.

i was expecting so much more from the lita’s, but the brown just doesn’t seem distressed as much as the stock image makes it out (as seen in this post). it makes it seem like it’s a richer, more mahogany brown, whereas in reality they look rather flat.
i adore the shape of the actual shoe, the covered platform at the front is lovely but i just can’t get over the contrast in colour from the leather to the heel, i feel like it should be darker and more matched. i’m really not sure what to do with them, i might end up putting them on ebay…
the throwdowns on the other hand are perfect, the platform to heel height is great for everyday use and they will work great as a neutral. not to mention match my khaki leather sleeve trench to a T. so pleased with them but i just don’t know what to think about the lita’s…

i know i just spent this entire post slagging them off, but if you’re still in love with them, feel free to buy them off me here