My Autumn Boot Picks


Boots are one of my favourite things to buy – alongside coats and bags – so they tend to be the first section I look at when I’m online shopping. I do like to invest in my ankle boots a little bit, so tend to go for staple styles along with one or two more statement pieces to really add some detail to my wardrobe. You can’t beat a good ankle boot or something pointy to add some edge, so I thought I’d chat through a few pieces in my collection that I adore and my faves that are in the shops right now.

Black boots make up the biggest section of my boot collection and typically the first colour I’ll buy before I go for anything else. My current favourite pair is the most recent ones in my wardrobe, the Acne Jensen boots. Mine are in suede, but I desperately want to get the plain leather ones too. They’re just such a perfect pointy boot, have the perfect heel height and are so darn comfy that they can be worn all day long without wanting to rip them off. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of these over the years and I’d recommend them to anyone.

If I want a bit more of a statement, I’ll always go for my studded Chloe Susanna boots. Yes, they were expensive but they were totally worth every penny to me. I feel like they can change the most boring, simple of outfits into something a bit more interesting and always make me feel good when I wear them – as silly as that sounds! Another pair that you can see in the picture is the Isabel Marant Dicker boots ie my most worn boots of all time. I wear the black ones constantly, but the taupe pair is such a great style for Autumn. They go with everything from dark denim and look so nice with chunky knitwear and oversized coats. Such a winner in my wardrobe!

I can’t decide which ones I want to get this Autumn specifically, but here’s a bunch of styles that I totally adore:

The staple black pair:

Something a bit more statement:

Which styles do you love?

Helen x