My A/W Travel Wishlist

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So, Autumn/Winter is approaching and, as much as I adore colder month style and being able to drink hot chocolate by the bucket, it does make me want to jet off somewhere new. I thought I’d put together a little list of my top five destinations that I’d love to hop on a plane to over the next few months.

France, Skiing | I’ve never actually been skiing, but think it would be really fun to do so I’d like to visit somewhere in France to try to learn. It’s easy, right? I’m sure my complete lack of coordination would definitely help… There’s so many places to go to in France for skiing and I think living the chalet life would be really fun for a week too!

Somewhere tropical | Of course, as the temperature drops it’s always nice to disappear to somewhere warm. I’d love to visit Bali or Bora Bora or the Maldives… Or Thailand… the list is pretty endless when it comes to these places to be honest. I went to Thailand when I was about 15 and would really like to visit again, maybe Phuket this time, so I’ll have to start saving the pennies.

Italy, again | I’m not 100% on the weather in Italy over A/W, but I imagine it’s better than the UK especially in September/October. Since going to Venice, I’ve become obsessed with Italy. From the views to the people to the FOOD, it’s such a gorgeous place. I really want to visit the Amalfi Coast, as well as Sicily and I’d love to head back to Rome too.

New Yawwwwk | Even though it would be so cold, I think New York in Autumn would be absolutely gorgeous. Imagine walking around Central Park with all of the leaves, like a real life rom-com. I think my and my sister are going to head there in the next few years so we’ll see what time of year we decide on!

Australia | As the UK gets colder, of course, Aussieland gets warmer so I’d definitely like to spend some time over there. I’d really like to go for a month or so to really experience the culture there and try not to be eaten by a shark or bitten by *insert variety of animals that want to kill you here*. The Gold Coast looks absolutely gorgeous and I’d hope I’d come back like a tanned Australian babe by the end of it.

Helen x
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