Back to Basics Skincare with Avène Tolérance EXTRÊME


Throughout my time as a beauty blogger, I’ve always had a more complicated beauty routine. I’ve been bombarded by the latest ranges and ingredients and, as a self-confessed beauty junkie, I must admit I’ve always been keen to slap as much on my skin as possible. Over the years, I realised that maybe that wasn’t always the best option and it certainly played havoc with my skin at times! Also, who can always be bothered with applying five or six products before bed every single night? I know I ended up getting a bit sick of it before I went on my tablets.

Since coming off Roaccutane, which forced me to have such a minimal routine as a figured out a small bunch of products that worked for me, my skin has been adjusting and adapting to life without the medication. It hasn’t went back to its oily self and has settled more normal side of things (only getting oily after long day) which I’m totally happy with! I’ve decided to continue down this minimal skincare routine and have been drawn in by Avène’s Tolérance EXTRÊME range which is designed to be as simple as possible.

As we’re bombarded by everything from pollution in cities to every day stress, it can take a huge toll on our skin. The Avène range contains seven or less ingredients per product to give your skin everything it needs, but without adding any irritants or unnecessary ingredients. It aims to lock in moisture and help your skins barrier to keep your complexion in excellent condition, regardless of your skin type, without overloading it.

What I really love, upon my first impressions, is that the products have no scent. Perfume and fragrance often irritate my skin and cause problems, so the fact that they literally smell of nothing really appeals to me. The cleanser, moisturiser (both the light one I would use during the day and the heavier one I’d use at night) and mask have such a lovely texture too. They’re very light, creamy in consistency and a little does go a long way so they’re a pleasure to use.

So, I’m using the Avène Tolérance EXTRÊME range and nothing else on my skin to see what effect it has and whether sticking to a minimal routine really does make a difference to my skin. I’m a firm believer in putting skincare before makeup on your priority list and that a good routine can help a lot when your skin is sensitive like mine, so I’m looking forward to seeing how my skin looks after the end of the three week period!

I’ll keep you up to date on Twitter and Instagram throughout my trial!

Helen x
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*This post is in collaboration with Avène