BEAUTY: The Best Of Topshop Makeup

Hello! Topshop might possibly be my favourite ‘high street/drugstore’ makeup brand. When they first released the range, I was as skeptical as the next person but oh, there was no need for it. I adore pretty much everything I’ve tried from Topshop and, for the price, each product is well worth the purchase. So, I thought I’d share my favourite bits from their makeup range.

Eyes and Cheeks | Starting with eyes, I wouldn’t be without the Topshop Magic Eyeliner. It’s a felt tip style pen, which going on black and stays put all day, plus is so easy to apply given how precise the nib is. It’s wonderful and comparable to my favourite Stila liner, but at almost half the price. Their eyeshadows are also fantastic and I’m quite partial to their palettes. The one above is Topshop Golden Aura Eye Palette and the shadows themselves are so buttery and easy to blend. Definitely worth a look if you want a good every day palette. Their blushes are such stand out products too and come in both cream and powder formulas. They last well and come in perfect shades for a lovely (cliche) pop of colour to the cheeks. Finally, a quite recent purchase but a firm favourite is Topshop Glow in Polish, which is a cream highlighter. It’s so, so blendable and gives a lovely natural looking radiance to the cheekbones. I love cream highlighters so am glad they released this!

Lips and Nails | Oh, Topshop nail polish, you’re taking over my (quite vast) polish collection. There’s so many shades to pick from and they always apply nicely on the nails. Most shades are typically opaque in two coats and last a good few days without chipping, which isn’t bad at all for the price! Next is one of my favourite parts of the whole Topshop makeup range, lipstick. I adore it. Both their Lipstick and Lip Bullet’s are just so lovely to wear, last a fair few hours without needing to reapply, are pigmented and smoothing. The colour range covers all the basics: red’s, coral’s, pink’s and berry tones so well so there’s plenty to pick from.

So, they’re all of my top picks from the Topshop makeup range incase any of you fancied a browse next time you’re out shopping! There’s some really great products and it’s well worth a look.

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