BEAUTY: Current Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes

I might not wear overly complicated eyeshadow, usually just one shade and maybe some in the crease but I am partial to a good palette. I’ve lost count of the amount of neutral ones in my collection now… Anyway, here’s a lil’ rundown of my favourite palettes that my eyes can’t get enough of right now.

Starting with the newest one, the NARS Dual Intensity Palette is a thing of beauty, really. It houses eight highly pigmented shades, which can be used wet or dry to create different looks (hence the name) and I really love the pigmentation. The shadows last all day and are buttery soft, so are very easy to blend. It’s a gorgeous palette and I love the packaging too! Handy having a mirror on both sides.

Next is the Smashbox Double Exposure Palette which has a huge 16 shimmer and matte shadows for your dollah. I like how it has neutral, pinky toned and more purple toned shades in it so it covers a lot of looks! Again, you can use these wet or dry and the colour pay off is really good!

The Lorac Pro Palette. ahhh. What a dreamy collection of shadows and we’ll ignore how scruffy the packaging gets. Let’s just say it’s well loved? Yup. So, it has everything you need from champagne shades, to gold, to my favourite pewter and dark shades for depth. If anyone you know is heading to the USA soon, get them to pick you one up! You won’t regret it (or wait for my next giveaway in May *wink wink*)

Finally, a more dainty looking palette is the beautiful Charlotte Tilbury Palette in The Dolce Vita. It’s a pretty combination of champagne, gold, copper and dark brown which creates a great look all on its own. I often wear the lightest shade by itself as a wash over the lids, as it’s really nice by itself. It might be pricey, but it’s the perfect treat!

Helen x
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