BEAUTY: Favourite Lipsticks #1

I think lipsticks are my favourite, and biggest, part of my makeup collection so I tend to switch them up everyday. So, my favourites do change on a weekly basis and I thought I’d share what I’m currently adoring. Starting from the bottom of my swatches, it’s NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Biscayne Park (again). This has been mentioned it about 10k posts already, but it really is the most perfect pinky/nude shade for my skintone. The longevity (as it is with all NARS lip products) is amazing and the texture is so nice to wear – a definite staple in my collection!

Next is Lipstick Queen Bright Rose Sinner, which has amazing pigmentation, as does the whole Sinner 90% pigment collection. It’s a bright pinky/raspberry/rose colour which is flattering on the lips yet adds a really lovely dose of colour to a makeup look. I definitely couldn’t go through lipsticks without mentioning a red and a recently rediscovered (read: I lost it and found it again, yayy) has to be the classic MAC Red Lipstick. It leans more on the pinky side of things so is less harsh than a blue-toned red, so I feel like it suits me more. One of my all time favourite reds.

Another nude toned shade I had to add to the list is Topshop Nevada Lipstick. This leans more rose-toned than the NARS option, but is more of a ‘your lips but better’ shade with my skintone. I love Topshop makeup as I find it really great value for money given that it’s both reasonably priced and pretty darn amazing in performance. Lastly, another high street option and favourite of mine, is Revlon Fire and Ice which is a gorgeous bright orange-red. It’s such a bold colour and is really flattering on!

What shades are you loving at the moment? Oh and don’t forget to enter my Dahlia giveaway!
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