BEAUTY: Favourite Nude Lipsticks

Kylie Jenner I am most definitely not, but the nude lip trend is slowly catching up with me. Until not very long ago, I had a bit of an aversion to the ol’ nude lip. Mostly because I associated it with those people who just put foundation over their lips like that’s the same?? Ew. It’s only recently that I’ve realised that nude doesn’t really have to be plain and boring and it can, in fact, suit me. So, on my hunt for the perfect shade, I’ve found a few favourites that even a newbie can fall in love with…

We’ll start with a base for all of them: MAC Lip Liner in Subculture (top swatch). This is a great shade for making your lips more defined without adding a whole load of colour to them. It works amazingly underneath nude or pink shades for a bit of oomph, plus it’s quite a creamy consistency so it doesn’t drag.

Topshop Lipstick in Beatnik (2nd swatch) is one of my long-term favourites, as it’s the perfect dusky pink shade. For the price, the quality is so good and it stays around for quite a while without needing a top up. It’s definitely on the darker end of the nude spectrum but one of the best in my collection!

On the lines of pink-nude is MAC Lipstick in Brave (3rd swatch). I think everyone has swatched Brave at some point, as it’s been blogged about left right and centre, and rightly so! I love the pigmentation of this lipstick and I always have it in my bag as it’s easy to apply.

A newby, as featured in my latest USA haul, is the Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Charmer (4th swatch). It’s the perfect nude that’s a bit pink but a bit peach and oh so flattering! This is the lip product that’s sparked off my love of nudes again plus the formula is so creamy that it’s a dream to wear!

Finally, the first nude I ever bought is the NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Biscayne Park (last swatch). It’s one of those really perfecting lip shades that makes you feel all pretty (is that a thing?) and is on the more 60’s lighter nude end of the list. It’s got a lovely finish to it and fades naturally over a few hours so you don’t get that dreaded ring!

What nude shades do you love? Any you’d recommend?

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Helen x
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