Beauty Favourites #6

beauty-favourites-essie-watermelon-radical-body-cream-soap-and-glory-organismlouise young brushesessie watermelon nail polish

Yup, we’ve rolled around to favourites time even though I think they happen more than they should to be honest. I just really love a lot of products, ok? Ok. Now we’ve got the beauty addict confession out of the way, let’s crack on shall we?

Today’s favourites are a mix of makeup, body products, nails – a bit of everything, really! Starting with the former, I’ve been testing out the new Claudia Louch Quad Corrector, which has a mix of green, mauve, yellow and pink. The shades counteract everything from redness to dark circles and brightens skin and, with it’s cream formula, it blends like a dream!

To apply my makeup recently I’ve been welcomed into the world of Louise Young brushes. Oh mah lawd does she know how to make a good brush! One I’ve been trying out is the Louise Young LY51 Brush which works well to buff in powder contour products due to its domed bristles that fit perfectly under your cheekbones. I’ve also been using the Louise Young LY31 Brush to fill in my brows, as it’s the ideal shape to apply both powder and my dip brow pomade with ease.

Two body products I’ve been using are the Radical Firming Body Multi-Repair Creme and the Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body Spray. I love the Radical body creme as it’s so hydrating and soothing to apply, leaving my skin silky soft and feeling firmer, as the name suggests. It’s not too heavy and sinks in well which means my skin doesn’t feel all gross afterwards like it can with heavier body butters. The body spray smells like a dream too. I was sent a set of five and this one is definitely my favourite, fruity but refreshing and makes me happy every time I spritz!

I’ve been reaching for Essie Watermelon Nail Polish a lot recently, as it’s been the perfect pop of pink to cheer me up as the last of summer disappears. It’s such a pretty shade and always applies nicely.

Finally, two for my handbag and my desk at work are the Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier and Bienfaits Hand and Nail balms. I’m a bit handcream obsessed and have two on my desk and one on my bedside table at all times. These two smell amazing and really hydrate hands without making them feel greasy!

What are your current favourites?

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Helen x
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