BEAUTY: How To Combat A Breakout #1

Hello! There’s nothing worse than when your skin is having a bit of a freakout. Whether it’s hormone related, ate the wrong food (hello dairy) or a product just hasn’t worked out for you, it’s never nice when your skin is misbehaving. As I’m currently going through one of those phases just on my right cheek (why?!), I’m trying to sort my skin out with the above products, so thought I’d share!

Cleansing your skin with a soothing, but dirt-busting cleanser is the first step to getting your skin back on track. REN Hot Cloth Cleanser is a new release from the brand (only £16!) and really soothes skin and, when using it with a hot cloth (obviously), it makes skin look brighter and seems to minimise the look of any blemishes. Using a hot compress always helps with redness and congestion!

Although people assume breakouts mean oil and oily skin doesn’t need hydrating, starving it of moisture makes everything 10x worse. It’s a lesson I learned the hard way in my teens and now I find moisture is one of the key elements in reducing a breakout. A hydrating toner is the next step after cleansing and Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner works well to refresh skin, plus it has a host of soothing ingredients designed to reduce redness etc.

Treatments do work wonders on annoyed skin and a good clay based mask really draws out impurities. Origins Clear Improvement Mask works well to either bring blemishes up so you can get rid of them, or makes them go away whilst giving your skin a good thorough cleanse while it’s at it.

On a nighttime, I tend to use either an oil (remember, moisture helps!) such as Clarins Lotus Facial Treatment Oil which is designed for oily skin, or a chemical exfoliator like Alpha H Liquid Gold, which is good for getting rid of blemish scars. I tend to use the latter if all blemishes have all but gone, well, in the way of looking gross that is, and you just want to get rid of any sign that they were there in the first place.

So that’s everything I’ve been using to help get rid of my current breakout! It seems to be working quite well, as I’m just at the Liquid Gold scar removal stage now and they appear to be disappearing with each use. I’ve introduced a few new blemish fighting products to my stash recently, so there’ll probably be a part two of this post coming your way once I’ve tested them all out thoroughly!

What do you use to get rid of a breakout? Any tips? Please do share them in the comments!

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