BEAUTY: The Makeup Haul #1

Hello! I may buy the odd bit of makeup here and there, but a proper ‘haul’ is few and far between these days as you know, I have to be a proper adult these days and save for moving out. Boo. Buuut, I did get a little bit of bonus from work, so decided a proper shopping trip was on the cards. I went to Topshop, Bobbi Brown, Boots and Space NK (for NARS, baby) so I’ll share with you what I bought!

First up, I went to Bobbi Brown to restock my beloved Bobbi Brown Corrector in Extra Light Bisque which really does help my dark circles! I wouldn’t be without it now. While I was there, I picked up Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Colour in Red Carpet, which is an amazing mid-toned red and lasts so long on the lips. Afterwards, I ventured into Space NK (dangerous territory) to check out the new Eve Lom foundation but obviously got distracted by everything else. I’ve wanted the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser after seeing it around and needing something for when I didn’t want a heavy base. It’s wonderful with a touch of concealer where needed and light powder on top. I also got the amazing NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square as my love for orange-toned reds knows no boundaries.

Next I had a Boots order to collect as I took full advantage of the 3 for 2 offer when it was on. Aside from some skincare (post coming soon), I opted for some Sleek lipsticks as I’ve never tried them before. I went for Sleek Papaya Punch, which is a bright orange and Sleek Heartbreaker, which is a bright pink. They both have a matte finish and are such beautiful shades!

Afterwards, I stocked up on some Topshop goodies as they’re one of my favourite drugstore (sort of) beauty brands. I saw they’d released some powder blushes, so got myself Let Her Go and Dream Phone as well as their cream blush in Afternoon Tea, as I love the formula. Also, as everyone seems to be loving it recently, their Glow Highlighter in Polish came home with me too and I’m glad as it’s so creamy and easy to blend!

As for nail polish, I couldn’t narrow it down so I went for six lovely shades. I adore Topshop polishes as they’re great quality, so it feels totally justified! Left to right we have: Boy Next Door (a lovely pale blue), Prestige (a pinky-purple), Ethereal (a pale lilac-nude), High Voltage (a bright pink), Profound (a more muted purple) and One Hot Minute (a bright raspberry).

So that’s everything I bought and I’m very excited to get testing properly and sharing what I think on here, hopefully they’ll all be great! I’ll probably not be doing a large haul like this for a long time, so I hope you’ve all enjoyed me making myself poor in this post!

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