BEAUTY: My Crown Brush Collection

I’m one of those people who has a tonne of makeup, but never really had a tools to apply everything properly. Sure, I picked up a few MAC brushes and I do like the Real Techniques ones, but I never quite had the full set. The tools for everything, if you know what I mean. That’s where Crown Brush stepped in and saved the makeup application day!

The wonderful Zoe, blogger and Crown Brush extraordinaire, was so very helpful and wrote out an entire shopping list based on what I needed. …Which was everything, to be honest, but there’s a lot to pick from so it was wonderful having someone narrow it down, based on the tools that will work best and what she likes using as a makeup artist too. I really valued her opinion and it meant I got the right brushes for the job, instead of buying 10x more than I’d ever need simply due to panic buying (which I totally would have done).

So, I’ll run through the brushes I was recommended, which are a great basic set to do a whole face of makeup. So, if you’re after some new ones, I’d definitely urge you to pick up some of these.

Face, Brows and Lips //
C442 Duo Fibre Buffer | This is a great brush for buffing in liquid or cream foundation. It applies base products smoothly and the bristles are really soft. I work in circular and sweeping motions to really work my product in for a more flawless finish.

C427 Tapered Duo Fibre Blush Brush | Another duo fibre brush that works with both cream and powder blush. I find this to be a great size for my cheeks, as it’s not too big or too small and blends product in so nicely.

C429 Deluxe Duo Fibre Crease | This is one of my favourite brushes! As someone who needs concealer to cover my awful dark circles, it’s important that my heavy cream products are blended in well. So, once I apply my concealer, I sweep and lightly buff the products in with this brush. It takes away the cakey look and helps to stop it creasing as much.

C463 Infinity Angle Liner | As a recent brow pomade convert, this angled brush is the perfect tool for applying it. It’s small enough for details but big enough to pick up enough product, creating well defined brows (even if you never see them under my fringe!)

SS031 Deluxe Lip | I am partial to a lipstick (or 20) and will try anything for a more perfected shape or a tool that makes it last longer. This lip brush creates a a great cupids bow and gives more definition at the corner too, which is great if you’re wearing a bold shade!

Eyes //
C417 Chubby Shadow | This is a my favourite brush for really patting down a base colour to the lid. The bristles are really dense so they pick up shadow well and the shape fits the eye properly, so you don’t get shadow everywhere (like you can with bigger brushes!)

C441 Pro Blending Crease | You can use this for applying base colour, but I tend to blend out the colour I’ve put on from the previous brush to make it a bit softer in appearance. It’s a really lovely brush and makes blending really easy!

SS021 Syntho Blending Fluff | This brush is an absolutely dream for applying and blending out shadow in the crease. As I have quite hooded eyes, adding some depth is really important as it makes such a huge difference to my face!

C431 Precision Pencil | I’ve recently got into smudging shadow underneath my lashes to add a bit extra to my look. This brush is the perfect shape for getting close to the lashline and soft enough to blend everything out well.

All of these brushes are so reasonably priced, the most expensive being the face brushes at a mere £10.49 and the cheapest (the lip brush) is only £2.59. You can’t complain at that at all, especially as they’re all really soft. I’ve washed mine twice now and I’ve had no issues, they hold their shape and look perfect once dried. I’d definitely recommend contacting Zoe if you get stuck, as she helped me a lot and I know I’ll be able to ask her about any future purchases without feeling like I’m bothering her! I’d completely recommend these brushes for their price, quality and how well they actually apply product. I honestly can’t fault them!

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