BEAUTY: My MAC Palette

I’m sure everyone and their mother in blog world has a MAC palette, but I thought I’d share mine anyway! It’s used practically every day, so I think they’re fully worth the investment and I collected all of mine steadily over a few months. A few more colours have crept their way into my collection, but these are just my most loved neutrals and I know y’all love a good neutral. I picked them up instore, as there’s a super friendly assistant that works at my local counter who I always go to, but you can get them online (eyeshadows, palette and insert).

Obviously some are older, and slightly more loved, than others (looking at you carbon and woowinked) but my all time favourite has to be Satin Taupe. It’s the most perfect cool toned neutral, sort of grey/purple but sort of nude, it’s justgorgeous to use. Shroom is a shade I always use on my inner corner as it’s such a great highlight shade and I always use either Mystery, Scene or Sketch in the crease, to give my hooded eyes some depth. I do tend to lean more to cool tones, but if I want warm tones I’ll definitely reach for either Patina or Sable, which are both beautiful shades. I use Omega on my brows too, so that’s handy to have in a palette instead of having to take something separate. What I use changes on a daily basis, depending on where I’m going or what I’m wearing, but I always class these are my core shades and wouldn’t be without my MAC palette now! Do you have one? Tell me your favourite shades!

MAC neutral palette

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