BEAUTY: My Top Five MAC Lip Pencils

My Top 5 MAC Lip Pencils

Lip pencils are those things that I completely forget about 99% of the time. I'm definitely a throw my lipstick in my bag and apply it when I can kinda girl, but when I do remember to use a lip liner, I always forget what a difference they can make! Apart from defining and creating a better shape, the longevity of your lipstick if hugely increased and looks so much more pigmented and bold. So, long story short, I need to use them more! Stop being lazy Helen...

I only really own MAC lip pencils, as I honestly haven't branched out into other brands. I do find the MAC ones to be pretty darn amazing though, as they're the right balance of waxy without dragging too much or massively drying the lips out. So, the shades I adore typically fall into my most worn shades: reds, pinks and neutrals. It's definitely good to have a red and a nude, as nude will sit under pretty much any colour to give it more vibrancy.

The Reds | MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry (last swatch) was the first one I ever bought. It's a bright, mid-and-blue toned pencil with a very pigmented finish. I find this looks amazing under MAC Russian Red lipstick as they sit really nicely together! The other red I have is MAC Lip Pencil in Brick (3rd swatch), which is a slightly darker red. I often pair this with MAC Dubonnet, or if I simply want to stronger red lipstick look!

The Pink | Now, I only have one pink and it's a bright one. Go bold or go home, amiright? The one above is the gorgeous MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in More to Love (2nd swatch). It's a really beautiful blue-toned magenta shade which looks amazing on the lips, either worn alone or under something like MAC Girl About Town!

The Neutrals | I'm only just getting into wearing neutral shades, so these two lip pencils are working a charm with them! First up is MAC Lip Pencil in Subculture (first swatch), which MAC describe as an 'underground pink.' Basically, it's like a dusty rose nude kinda shade and sits beautifully under MAC Brave lipstick. Lastly, MAC Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare (4th swatch) is the light of my pencils, but works well as a neutral tone underneath pretty much anything to be honest.

What lip pencil do you love? Any other brands or shades I should try?

Helen x