BEAUTY: Nail Favourites #9

I’m going through this phase with my nails where things either have to be dark yet bold or light and pretty. There’s very little in between (unless I freak out and throw on a red!) and I seem to be following a bit of an Essie pattern at the moment, so here’s the lowdown on my favourite nail picks.

Starting from the bottom swatch, Essie Take It Outside is this wonderful mix between nude, white and grey. It’s one of those shades you can throw on and matches everything, while giving your nail that chic edge that always comes with using light colours. It’s one I always come back to!

Next is a dark and bold shade in the form of Essie Style Cartel. I always love wearing a navy or dark blue shade on my nails, as it’s less stark than black and goes well with my mostly monochrome wardrobe palette. This shade is opaque in two coats and dries quickly, too.

I’ve talked about Essie Lady Like before, but it’s a shade I wear at least once a month. It’s a pretty dusty pink tone which gives nails a bit of a typically feminine look, but with enough edge so it doesn’t wander into sugary territory.

I can’t be so close to Autumn without getting Essie Bahama Mama out of my nail polish bag. I adore this dark berry shade and it always looks so flattering on, as it’s quite a subtle shade when applied despite looking so bold – if that makes any sense at all!

Finally, for a taupe/purple shade, I adore Essie Merino Cool. It’s one of those easy to apply shades where it doesn’t matter if you just throw it on, as it always looks nice as it’s really easy to apply due to the wider brush. I often go for this one when I’m not sure what to pick!

What nail shades are you favourite?

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Helen x
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