BEAUTY: Self Tan Favourites

I’m torn between wanting to move onto coats and boots weather and desperately clinging on to the past of the warm weather. Part of me it all for layers and the other part still wants to get my pins out, but hey, you can still have a tan underneath everything, right? And, of course, there’s no better tan than one out of a bottle so here’s a rundown of my favourite bronze brands without the sun damage…

Xen-Tan | A brand I wanted to try for such a long time and am glad I got round to sampling what they have to offer. I really like how a lot of their products are focused around being weekly, as I’m definitely a slap it on and leave it until it fades kinda gal and the idea of reapplying more than one a week doesn’t entirely appeal! I’ve tried both their Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe and the Xen Tan Dark Lotion and they’re both exceptional products. The product is rather dark and thick, but once applied to a mitt and blended out, it creates a wonderful medium-dark (as I don’t put loads on!) tan which stays around for a week and fades so evenly! I’ve got the bronze luxe on now and it’s so nice.

He-Shi | The brand that kicked off my love of false tan and the one I’ve used for the longest time is the wonderful He-Shi. Available in Boots, the He-Shi Rapid One Hour Liquid Tan and He-Shi Gold Foaming Mousse are such classics in my collection and ones I always have in my bathroom. The liquid is my favourite out of the two and applies to smoothly plus the fact that it dries in an hour have saved me many times when I needed to get my pins out but didn’t want to scare children.

Cocoa Brown | If you’re after a budget option, look no further than Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse. Readily available on the high street, this pink bottle of wonder is easy as pie to apply, dries quickly and streak free. I’m always skeptical of cheaper tans, but this one really does live up to the hype. I bought this for my sister for Xmas and she’s obsessed now too!

What tan brands are you a fan of?

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Helen x
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