BEAUTY: Skincare Favourites #8

I don’t wanna speak too soon, but my skin has actually been behaving itself recently… I know, right? I’ve switched up my skincare completely and removed a few suspect products that I thought were making everything worse, and it’s improved massively. I haven’t really been eating any better either, so I can only presume my skincare must be definitely working wonders! I don’t have perfect skin by any means, but a lot of my blemishes and congestion has disappeared so I’m happy! Here’s the things I’ve been sampling…

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser | I wanted to try this for months, so when I got the chance I jumped at it. Aimed at blemish prone and dull skin, this clay based cleanser is a dream to use! As a second cleanse after using a balm, it really get into pores and makes skin look so refined. Definitely a new favourite!

Anne Semonin Tissue Serum | I’m jumping the gun early with this one as I’ve only been testing it around a week, but it’s made such a difference! I love using it every other night and on a day time to help to treat my blemish prone skin and improve its overall condition. This serum has a mattifying effect on the skin, so really helps an oily t-zone, especially in the warmer weather!

Anne Semonin Marine Emulsion | One thing I look for in a moisturiser is that it’s oil free. As I occasionally have the skin of a hormonal 14 year old, oil free is super important to keep those blemishes at bay! This cream looks thick, but you only need one small pump and it’s hydrating without feeling heavy.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil | I’ll just be straight with this one – I love it. You know those products that are just amazing from the first use? This is one of them. It aims to reduce pore size (maybe why my congestion has gone!) and improve the appearance of the skin. Using a retinol complex and a variety of oils, this blue (literally) oil works wonders on my skin, hydrating it and making it look brighter in the morning.

Radical Skincare Eye Revive Cream | In the endless quest to rid myself of dark circles, I’m always testing out new eye creams to see if they’ll help. I really love this Radical one, as it feels so luxurious and leaves my eyes feeling so soothed and hydrated.

What skincare do you like using to reduce blemishes?

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Helen x
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