BEAUTY: Things I’m Terrible At

Being a (sort of) beauty blogger, you think I’d have fairly good habits when it comes to that subject. But, unfortunately, I do have a fair few bad things I do that I thought I’d get out in the open in an attempt to change. A sort of Beauty Anonymous, if you will. Talking about it makes it better, right?

one | I am awful when it comes to washing my makeup brushes. It’s something I tell myself to do at least once a week, but that period creeps by and it’s usually two weeks later when they eventually make their way near some water. It’s so gross, really. Need to make a conscious effort to clean them more often!

two | I’ve got a bad habit of leaving my eyebrows until they get to the point that they have to be done. I mean, recently I was growing them out to be professionally reshaped, but I’m so bad at doing them regularly! Having a fringe means that they’re covered which always encourages me to be lazy, until they’re literally out of control and I have to spend ages (in pain) tweezing them.

three | I always forget to moisturise after a shower. Despite owning approximately 15 different body moisturisers, oils and other products, 9/10 I forget to take one in the bathroom with me to use. You know, I could just go in my room and get one, but part of me just says ‘naaaah’ and I pull my clothes on instead. My skin has been quite dry recently too, so I really need to change this!

four | I rarely exfoliate my lips, despite wearing lipstick pretty much every day. I always use quite heavy formulas (thank you matte lipsticks and MAC amplified’s) so they tend to glide over any dry patches and make them less noticeable. I really need to get into the habit of this come Spring so I can wear lots of pretty, light shades.

five | The ultimate beauty sin: I occasionally ‘cleanse’ with just micellar water and a few cotton pads. This is oh so bad and only happens once in a blue moon, but it still happens non-the-less. I do give it a fair few rounds just to make sure the majority of my makeup is off, then try to use a mask the next day. It does make me feel awful/gross though and I feel like Mrs Hirons would be shaking her head at me in shame. Buuut, you know, late nights = laziness. …Trying to justify it isn’t working, is it?

So they’re a few beauty things I’m terrible at and the bad habits that need changing. Please do let me know yours in the comments, I’d love to read them!

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