BEAUTY: The Top Five Beauty Trends in 2014

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Do you love experimenting with new looks and mixing up your beauty routine? There have been a number of new trends this year to play with, but the following are five of the most popular!

1. Nail Art 
Wild, individualized nail art has been popular for the past few years, but it continued to be a hot trend this year. From animal prints to pineapples, nail art allows you to create individual works of art on each nail. This year we played around more with textures as well as colours.

2. CC Creams
Those who fell in love with BB creams turned in greater numbers to CC creams this year. While BB creams can be used as a light foundation, CC creams are meant to correct colour and reduce redness, with a lighter, fluffier feeling on the skin.

3. Contouring Makeup 
Although cosmetic surgery like the rhinoplasty and face lifts continue to be en vogue, you can play around with your facial angles using contouring makeup. Kim Kardashian deserves credit for bringing this into the mainstream, using expertly applied concealer and foundation to bring out cheekbones and slim the nose and chin.

4. Affordable Luxury 
This year, more and more high-end designers extended their reach into the beauty market to draw in new customers. Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Michael Kors, and Tory Burch expanded their makeup lines, while Christian Dior and Chanel focused on skin care.

5. High Tech Shopping Experiences 
You’ll want to spend even more time playing around with makeup at new high-tech emporiums that blend a retail and digital experience. Chanel offers a photo booth to try on lipstick virtually, while Sephora’s introduced a social networking experience into the shop.

Have you followed these beauty trends this year?

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