BEAUTY: Top Five Dark Nail Polishes for AW

Now, it may be the former goth in me or the time of year, but my nails haven’t touched a light shade of polish in weeks. There’s something so wonderful about these almost-black-but-not-quite shades that add depth and sophistication to my nail polish draw. Plus they make my drag queen sized nails seem almost normal, so there’s an added bonus, ey.

So, starting from the top of the swatches, we have a gorgeous dark green by the name of Nails Inc Duke of York Square. I love this shade as it’s like the one people love on a Jaguar car, you know ‘racing car green’, but darker and richer and just all round more beautiful. Very autumnal. See my instagram for pics (of most of these polishes, to be honest, I paint my nails a lot…)

Next in line, we have the blogger favourite Essie After School Boy Blazer, which has only very recently came into my life. It’s a very almost black dark navy, which you have to concentrate on to notice that it’s not actually black on the nails. Very chic, very smart and one of my new favourites.

Another Essie shade comes next and this time it’s a rather cool toned dark purple. Essie Carry On looks a lot lighter in the bottle, but really darkens down in two coats to a rich purple shade that just looks so luxe on the nails. It’s sort of the cooler version of Bahama Mama (which I also love, but have mentioned it so much I couldn’t include it in here again!)

I couldn’t not mention a grey, and this steely number in Nails Inc Duke of Wellington Place is like a stormy winter sky in a bottle. If you don’t wanna go the full way with a black nail, then this is your guy for the job. Perfectly moody but perfectly sophisticated.

Lastly is a shade that looks quite bright in the picture, but isn’t so much on the nails. Models Own Velvet Goth Polish in Valerian is a) from my favourite Models Own collection and b) the best glitter without being too tacky. It’s a navy blue with tightly packed navy glitter, which, especially over a navy polish, makes nails look utterly amazing. Infact, I’m off to paint my nails in it right now…

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Helen x