Because Hormones Make Us Emotional

Bit of a weird topic for today’s post, but it’s something that had me crying laughing when I asked on Twitter. What’s the most irrational or silly thing you’ve ever cried at around your ‘time of the month’? Did you seen an old couple and had to choke back the tears? Or came anywhere within 10ft of a baby? Or did someone just make a noise that you weren’t expecting and it set you off? In the spirit of making us feel better and to show we’re all the same when it comes to our emotions around this dreaded time, I’m sharing some of the things I’ve cried at and some things you guys sent me on Twitter. Why not, eh?

I will admit I’ve cried at the following:

One | When they dropped Hayley off at college on Modern Family – too emotional!
Two | I watched RSPCA animal rescue (would not recommend when due on!)
Three | When I still lived at home, my dad used the printer and it was too loud
Four | I saw a picture of the northern lights and thought it was really pretty
Five | I couldn’t get a lid off a jar and really wanted to eat what was inside

Aaand here’s some of the things you sent me:

Lorna from studsanddreams | I cried when a car let me cross the road
Brianne from brianneetc | A dog set next to me on the bus and it’s ears were fluffy and soft and I was gone
Kaye from fordtography | I put too much cheese on my nachos
Leanne from LMbeauty | I welled up when I was riding a horse because I was having a bad lesson
Cat from moreaboutcat | I literally cried because I spilled a glass of milk
Jesska from jesskaopal | I cried when my boyfriend shouted ‘boo’ once
Lindsay from lindsayk_23 | I once burst into an uncontrollable sobbing fit at the gorilla playing Phil Collins on the drums in the Cadbury’s advert
Lauren from hellocharmmie | I once cried when my dog sneezed because I thought it was cute
Thrift Lil Pixie | I cried at a butter ad before, I think it’s called Clover, because the guy in the ad got a tear in his eye
Michaela from michaelaLaBlog | I once cried simply because I spilt a glass of Pepsi Max on my boyfriends carpet
Jess from JessandJoshCook | I cried because I slammed the door too hard once
Hannah from HannahSimpson_ | Sometimes I cry when I finish a book or a film, simply because it’s over
AmberMarie from ambermariemarie | I cried because I fell asleep on the couch and had to move to the bed to go back to sleep
Mia from whatmiadid | I once cried during an episode of MasterChef because the judge didn’t like one of the contestants food

I hope some of these made you laugh or at least make you feel a little bit better!

Please share the things you’ve cried about below in the comments (with your Twitter handles!) orrrr you can tweet my brand new account at: Why Women Cry – yes, I set up an account because it made me laugh that much and thought it would be a good little side project!

Helen x
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