today: navy nails and pink lips

hello, this is my face today after going in to town to meet my friend for shopping and nandos. it was a super hot day so i wore my new jumper from H&M (thin enough for the weather), those patterned zara trousers and my topshop wedge boots.
i bought a few things from topshop and a necklace which i mentioned in the previous post. i’ll show you what i got at topshop in another blog entry.
nails are barry m in the shade ‘navy’, it’s a lovely metallic navy colour, much shinier than i usually wear but i think i like it. i picked up a new polish from topshop too, part of their metallic collection, in a silver shade. i quite like the idea of having nails that look like metal.
the bottom picture is a new lip conditioner that i got from MAC. i used to love the tendertones before they got discontinued, so i though this would be a nice replacement. it looks bright pink in the tub but it goes on reasonably sheer and i actually really love the conditioning properties, i think it works very well.
hope you’ve had a lovely day wherever you are and are enjoying the sudden heatwave if you’re in the UK!