Bloggers and Vloggers to Follow in 2017

I vow the share the love more this year and sing people’s praises where deserved, so you can class this post as the beginning of that. I’m constantly inspired by other creative ladies in the industry and whether they make me happy, jealous (in a good), better educated or influenced to do or buy something, I truly love the positive difference they make to the internet. So, in today’s post, here’s five bloggers and five youtubers you should keep an eye on throughout 2017!


Katy English / Little Miss Katy: I met Katy last year and she’s just as sweet in person as she is online. Aside from promoting happiness (every Monday!), she has also hugely upped her Instagram game and produces some lovely (mostly, there’s travel in there too) London based lifestyle content. I’ve never seen someone smile as much as this lady does and I hope I get to spend more time with her this year because she’s just so darn lovely.

Chloe Plumstead / The Little Plum: I mean first of all, she’s a babe (I mean, look at her). Secondly, this gal produces some killer content. Her outfits are styled and shot beautifully and her opinion pieces are some of my favourite.

Sophie Milner / Fashion Slave: Aside from having the hair of my dreams, Sophie is one of my favourite bloggers simply because she keeps it real. Her blog is a no-bull mix of well photographed, attainable outfits and just-saying-what-you’re-thinking pieces which, to me, makes her a bit of a gem in the rather Instagram-fake blogging world.

Carrie / Wish Wish Wish: I think a lot of you will already know Carrie, but I’ve put her and her lovely blog on the list because I just can’t get over how beautiful her content is. You know those blogs you can spend hours on simply because they look so dreamy? Carrie’s blog is certainly one of them. Make sure you give it and her Instagram a follow for a daily dose of gorgeous imagery.

Vix Meldrew: Vix oh Vix, where do I start. If you’re not adverse to the odd (read: many) swear words and hilarious references to a penis, then you’ll need to head over to Vix’s blog. I swear, this girl cracks me up on a daily basis with her hilarious blog posts and real take on taking in the modern (ie, tinder) world. If you need a laugh – but to also read some serious pieces mixed amongst it all, too – then consider Vix as one to follow this year.


Megan Ellaby: You may know Megan for her awesome personal style blog, but I wanted to include her on the YouTube list as it’s one of my favourites. From lookbooks to favourites to hauls to sorting out her wardrobe, I think I binge watched it for about four hours when I first subbed! Oh and I must admit, I do appreciate hearing a good Northern accent too!

Lizzy Hadfield / Shot From The Street: Again, Lizzy is a fierce blogger (and her Instagram is ace too) but she’s really taken to YouTube over the past year and I totally appreciate the effort she puts in. Her ‘Testing Basics’ is one of my favourite things on the internet tbh and I love how she creatively thinks of new ways to bring fashion content to viewers. Plus her mum is literally adorable, I want to squish her.

Claire Chanel / I Am Chouquette: I think I’ve talked about Claire before but you really do need to follow her. I remember I first came across her snapchat (same username) and she’s had me absolutely creased ever since – she’s so funny and I love her relationship with her husband, the pair of them are a dream team! Back to YouTube, Claire totally keeps it real and edits to a minimum so it’s like one of your gal pals chatting to you and that’s what I love so much about her. That and her bags. Serious bag envy!

Charlotte / The Good Owl: I’ve followed Charlotte for what seems like forever, but recently she’s got more into YouTube and dayumm is that girl creative! I’m totally expecting big things from Charlotte in both the fashion industry and the online world, so get ahead of the game and give her a follow now.

Laura Louise / Laura Lou Makeup: I think a lot of us know Laura from her blog, but she’s dipped her toe in the YouTube world and I’m so excited about it. Laura has a very zero bullshit attitude when it comes to makeup – she’s been a makeup artist for years, waaay before your faves on Instagram – so I expect her videos will end up teaching us a lot and (hopefully) feature a lot of Herman (her cat) because he’s cute af.

Who are you going to follow this year? Can you recommend anyone for me to follow?

Helen x