bought: amazon book order

top row: the book with no name by anonymous (here) / john dies at the end by david wong (here) / the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky (here) / kill your friends by john niven (here)
middle row: trainspotting by irvine welsh (here) / the contortionist’s handbook by craig clevenger (here) / porno by irvine welsh (here)
bottom row: i, lucifer by glen duncan (here) / girl, interrupted by susanna kaysen (here) / lunar park by bret easton ellis (here) / less than zero by bret easton ellis (here)

i finished the two chuck palahniuk books that i had and now i feel like there’s a void in my life. so, instead of doing my essay yesterday, i spent a little while looking for new things to read.
the types of books i like are usually more on the gritty side, with dugs, sex, violence and slightly twisted storylines. i find them a thousand times more interesting than a rom-com style book. that phrase alone makes me want to be sick. 
there’s a few books i’ve wanted to read for a while, such as girl interrupted and the perks of being a wallflower (which falls slightly outside of the above usual criteria, i know) so i thought i’d get them. i love the film adaptation of trainspotting and was unaware irvine welsh had wrote porno to be a sort of sequel. 
i’ve got this week off university, so when these arrive i will be very happy. i’m especially looking forward to the book with no name, i lucifer and john dies at the end. i’ve asked for 8 books for christmas aswell, most of which i really want to read right now which is a little annoying, so these should last until then!this is going to be added to the fact that i’m going to get myself some new games, as mentioned previously, i am a bit off an xbox geek when i have the time. the new assassins creed it out tomorrow so that’s obviously getting bought, plus maybe the new batman one and skyrim. 
i promise the next post will be something fashion related, sorry guys haha.