bought: asos coats and their website fiasco

left to right: contrast sleeve coat (here) – £45 / premium coat with double lapel (dark red colour, here) – £50 / aztec print wool coat (here) – £50

so, i joined the asos facebook queue jump (sorta of) yesterday to get 50% off winter styles and i was sat waiting on my laptop for it to start. what a carry on! asos were completely unprepared for the volume of people and any website issues. first of all the prices weren’t halved and were still showing up as full, secondly most of the things that were supposed to be in the sale weren’t marked down and, thirdly, when you got to check out they were still showing up full price. there were hundreds of complaints left of their facebook page and asos was just ignoring everyone, it was incredibly frustrating! it took nearly two hours to get it sorted and in the end i had to create a new account just to make it work. i hope i like the coats when they arrive, i don’t necessarily plan on keeping all three of them, as i’ve bought rather a few recently, so i’ll have to filter them down.