bought: estee lauder double wear foundation

so, i haven’t been the biggest fan of my skin at the moment and have decided to try and find a foundation that will help combat me not looking my best. after lots of research, mainly on makeupalley, i found that hundreds of people recommend this foundation.
i never really go for estee lauder (apart from their mascara, which is good) as it seems to be marketed as an older persons makeup brand. as i’m only 21, i thought their products may not suit me but i decided to give this one a go.
i got mine off ebay for £18 and i’ve used it twice so far. as i’m very pale, i got the shade ‘shell’ which i’m not 100% sure about as it doesn’t seem as pale as my MAC NC15 but according to the foundation matrix on temptalia, this shade was comparable.
it is definitely a heavier foundation (and they even do a maximum cover one, that must be like a mask!) and you need to do a lot of work to make it look decent. usually i just get a face brush, swipe some on and i’m done but this one needs a lot of buffing. it is also better if you have well moisturised skin or a primer on before applying aswell, as that makes it look less cakey.
i’m going to give this foundation a good go, as i’m sure it will last pretty much forever due to only needing a tiny amount. i’ll see how i feel about it in a few months time, as it is going to start getting colder in the UK from september and winter always required a heavier foundation…