bought: fluro and paisley

purchase 1: paisley print trousers from topshop (£45)
– they’re light as air and they feel really nice on, decided to buy them after stalking them online and in the shops
purchase 2: river island neon orange trousers (£34.99)
– i was obsessed with the jil sander trousers that were on the catwalk and then when carolina from fashionsquad wore them in person i thought they were even more fabulous.
i was out shopping with my sister today (feeling absolutely ill) and i noticed these in river island, which is a shop that i rarely go in to. i had to have them! the underside of the belt (which you don’t have to wear) is neon pink, a definite match made in heaven with girl about town lipstick from MAC.
purchase 3: belted dresses from warehouse (£10 and £15)
– i thought these were very sweet basic dresses when i first saw them online then i remembered they existed when i was in debenhams today. bonus, they were on sale. i’m taking the rust colour one back because despite being a size 10 like the navy one, it looks like a size 6. too clingy for my liking. but the navy one is perfect!

when i first went shopping today i felt absolutely rotten, i wanted to throw up/pass out/generally collapse for about 3 hours. my sister is the queen of being a dawdle, i do love her to bits but she’s not the best person to shop with when you just want to be quick. bought some ibrufen and strawberry ribena, had a nandos in the sun and i felt a little bit better (for an hour, at least).
my illness seems to have moved to my entire face and i am in a lot of sinus pain. i never ever get a bad head so i’m really suffering with it.

especially when i went into MAC to exchange 6 empty things for a lipstick and the girl refused to take one of them so i couldn’t get it, she said it wasn’t empty! i was like, well i don’t use that concealer anymore so just because a quater of it is left, does it really make a difference? i’m just going to empty it and take it back. what a joke! found 3 more lipsticks that i like though (they only had 1 of them in stock, honestly, useless!):

l-r: speed dial, crosswires and milan mode
they seem quite similar in the photos but in real life they’re totally different. speed dial is a glossy pink, i would say mid tone with really nice colour pay off. crosswires is a lovely coral, it’s a stronger colour than the picture would have you think and milan mode looks really purple in person. like somone’s squished a berry, it’s amazing!

maybe i’ll just order them off debenhams and save my pots for a freebie some other time…