bought: january sale shopping

l-r: plum coated jeans (here) – £16 from £40 / navy boater hat (here) – £10 from £20 / rust cropped trousers (here) – £10.50 from £35 / black faux fur headband (here) – £6.50 from £12 
first up is my order from asos. i’m sending the hat back because it makes me look like a victorian schoolboy. the headband leaves a line across my forehead when i take it off, but i can forgive that. i do love both pairs of trousers though, even if the first pair require a belt as they’re cut stupidly low. 

l-r: bell bottom jeans (here) – £8.99 from £11.50 / grey jacket with leather sleeves (here) – £27.99 from £36.75 / striped knit top (here) – £9.99 from £12.75
next is forever 21. since going to the store in birmingham, i always make sure i check their site when i’m looking for new clothes. they had a buy one get one free thing going on, so i got the jeans for absolutely nothing and (bonus, bonus) they’re a perfect fit. the jumper is ridiculously soft and i’ve been living in it. and the jacket, cmon, who can resist a good leather sleeve.

l-r: deena and ozzy metallic wedges (here) – £40 from £95 / pins and needles one pocket chinos (here) – £20 from £48 / nike black cuffed trainers (here) – £20 from £60
lastly is urban outfitters. i realised i didn’t actually own a pair of plain black trousers so these ones pretty much screamed at me until i bought them. i was going to purchase the black version of these wedges, but decided they’re practically identical to a pair i already have. so, bronze it is. the trainers are for days when i’m not running at the gym and am mainly doing weights, plus they look good. 
did any of you guys get anything in the sales? tell me, tell me.