bought: origins skincare

i went to get a new moisturiser the other day, as that lancome one i used before had a horrible reaction with my skin atfter a while. just when i thought i had found a good one too… nevermind.
i bought ‘a perfect world’, which smells absolutely delicious, and has SPF 25 which is really good. i really like it so far and i’m just using it on a morning. it makes my skin feel soft and hydrated, but not greasy.
the woman at the counter was so helpful and gave me two samples of their exfoliator and cleanser. i’ve tried both and i really like them. the cleanser works well with my clarisonic, but if you try it don’t get it near your eyes because it is so painful!
i’ll definitely finish all of the products and would seriously reconsider re-purchasing if they continue to be as good as they are now.

EDIT: a combination of the above broke my skin out into super dry, irritated patches which has taken over a week to get rid of! origins have IGNORED my emails and now i’m stuck with a £32.99 moisturiser that i’m allergic to!