bought: skincare, haircare, makeup and nail polish haul + mini reviews

note: i’m not really a beauty blogger, so i’m just going babble on as i see fit, apologies for not using the correct terms etc. as for my skin: it’s combination/very sensitive and my hair is: fine + normal/oily because i touch it a lot. onto the post…

REN clearcalm 3 clarifying clay cleanser (here): a lovely deep cleanser that i use as a second wash to make sure all of my makeup is gone. massage it in for a few minutes and it works really well. i don’t particularly like the smell, but i can get over that for how well it works.
REN jojoba microbead purifying facial polish (here): gentle but effective exfoliator. not scratchy but leaves skin feeling really smooth. i tend to use it around my nose, chin and the tops of my cheeks!
REN invisible pores detox mask (here): one of my favourite masks ever. it sinks into your pores (and leaves little dots all over your face) to really clean everything out. i highly recommend it.

REN photoactive sun veil SPF 15 (here): i’d prefer it to be a little higher in SPF, but it works great. non greasy, non pore-blocking (pro term, obviously) and sinks in quickly.
la roche-posay effaclar mat moisturiser (here): really lightweight yet very moisturising gel-cream (i can’t decide what it is). really does make the skin matte and ridiculously soft.
alpha h liquid gold (here): i could rant about this stuff forever, it’s amazing! it’s rare that i’m truly impressed by a product, but in less than 8 applications, it’s evened out my skintone, massively reduced any breakout scars and generally just improved my face. utterly brilliant.

bioderma crealine H2O micellaire solution (here): great makeup remover! soak a cotton pad, place it over your eye, wiggle it a bit and literally all your eyeliner/mascara (everything!) will be gone.

REN moroccan rose gift set (here): i received this free from REN as they always have a lot of gifts on their website for spending a certain amount. i’m not a huge rose fan so i might give it to my nana. i’ll not tell her how much it would have originally cost (£17) as she still lives in the 1940’s where everything’s 2p. i bought her a MAC lipstick once and, when i told her the price, it nearly saw her off!

moroccan oil light (here): i used the original version ages ago, but it was too heavy for my hair. i’ve since used l’oreal mythic oil, but that just doesn’t cut it compared to this stuff. the light version is so much better! just apply a tiny amount, brush through and it doesn’t weigh your hair down!
phillip kingsley scalp toner (here): i used this for the first time the other day and it has made my hair very soft and healthy looking at the top! i’ll have to continue using it to see if it works long-term though. anything to stop my hair falling out at the rate it does, it looks like double the amount with it being long too.
phillip kingsley elasticizer (here): again, used this once so far and found it odd using a pre-shampoo treatment, as i’m used to post-conditioner or in shower ones. i would give it 7/10, just because it did weigh my hair down a little, but it is quite soft so it must be doing something.

bought but not photographed – bumble and bumble texture creme (here): this stuff is amazing! it really does give your hair texture without making it look heavy or gunky. feels gritty but not in a bad way and you can still brush through it. it really holds a style well! i usually push my hair up with my finger tips to add a bit of volume and this helps keep it there!

hello silly hello kitty ipad case!
YSL le teint touche eclat foundation in BR10 (here): i’ve used this twice but i’m still not sure about it. it seems to be fine for an hour or two and then starts to slide and sink into pores, even with a primer. i’m quite disappointed so might mix a bit into my double wear to try and make it work.
YSL rouge volupte lipstick in 10, 12 and 17 (here): picking which lipstick to buy online was literally the hardest decision of that day, they’re all so beautiful! i picked a bright pink (10, provocative pink) as i do love my bright shades, a plum-berry tone (12, forbidden burgundy) as berry will always be my favourite lip colour and finally a new red (17, red muse) as i use my MAC one to death and fancied a change.

colour club polishes in (top row) shabby drab, nomadic in nude, new bohemian (bottom row) unsure as label is missing, earthy angel and another missing label (can’t find a link online, but bought from TK Maxx): i’m wearing shabby drab on my nails right now (pic here) and it seemed to go on just fine! i’ve worn it for over a week with minimal chipping so i’m really impressed with the quality! oh, there was also a clear one in the set, but we don’t need to see that, do we?

essie polishes in (top row) bangle jangle, power clutch, carry on, ladylike and chubby cheeks (bottom row) ballet slippers, orange it’s obvious, tour de finance, to buy or not to buy and beam up, which is a nail brightener (£2.99 here or £1.99 here): i’ve used three of these so far and the only one i’ve been disappointed with is ballet slippers. i know it’s supposed to be worn sheer, but it takes 5+ coats to make it a solid colour. that’s a lot of time to spend doing your nails, people.

topshop polishes in flamingo coral and powder (here and here): the first one is very barbie circa 1980 as it’s quite a tacky coral, but i love it. powder has silver glitter in it which is really pretty, so i’m looking forward to trying it!
topshop lipstick in clueless (here): i tried this at about 2am the other day when i was sorting things out in my room and i quite like it! i forgot to wash it off and it was still on the next day, so that’s gotta be good staying power.


well, that’s all my latest beauty purchases! there’s been a few more, but i’ve mentioned them in other blog posts, so didn’t include them here. i’m now officially skint until student loan day (bring on the 24th!) so i won’t be doing a post like this for a bit.

i might slowly introduce more beauty posts into my blog as i’ve enjoyed writing this one and reviewing the products. let me know what you think please!

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