bought: skincare, makeup and nail polish haul part II

hello and welcome to another addition of helen having literally no control on her spending. this is a result of getting my student loan in (textbooks? rent? I THINK NOT) and, well, this stupidly long post is how it’s went down so far:

(ps. i haven’t really used any of these yet, but may well do little mini reviews on the ones that work well for my skin)

after hearing a lot about antipodes (how do you pronounce that? the geordie in me wants to be extremely common and say anti-podes, but i’ve heard someone say ant-ee-poh-des. might go with my simple version) i decided to purchase some to give my skin a little overhaul, as it’s a bit rubbish at the moment. anyways, i bought:

kiwi seed oil eye cream (here): my current clarins one isn’t really moisturising, just acting as an SPF so i thought this one might be nice for night time.

juliet brightening gel cleanser (here): dull skin? check. no brainer, really. plus gh0stparties said it was nice and i do rather trust her opinion as we seem to have the same type of skin/hair.
divine face oil (here): my dr hauschka one is nearly out, so i thought i’d get this as a replacement.
manuka honey mask (here): a lot of my current masks seem to be deep cleansing clay ones, as opposed to moisturising so i’d like to give my skin a little treat with this one.
deliverance hand cream (here): a delightful freebie from naturisimo for buying two antipodes products. hence the dint, i have used it and it smells like citrus and oranges at christmas. amazing.
organic lip balm (here): this was another freebie that came with the face oil and man, do i love a good freebie. will be adding this to my already extensive lip balm collection.

boots were having a 3 for 2 on the branded skin/body care and, as i wanted a number 7 voucher for the body oil, soap and glory were my first choice. oh, and the liz earle was a little surprise through my letterbox (eep!)

clean on me (here): an old soap and glory favourite, smells lovely, lathers nicely. a must have, obv.
no 7 dry body oil spray (here): i’ve wanted to try this for ages, but was waiting for the vouchers to come out. i love the vaseline cocoa body oil gel, but it takes too long to sink in so i’m hoping this’ll be quicker.
hand food (here): lovely hand cream, but better used at night in small amounts as it takes a good 10-15mins to sink in.
righteous body butter (here): i made my friend go pick something as i needed an extra item for my 3 for 2, so she chose this. i’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a night time moisturiser as it’s thick as anything.

liz earle cleanse and polish* (here): after seeing this raved about for what feels like forever on blogs and in magazines, i’ve eventually got my hands on a bottle. the lovely people (especially laura) at liz earle was kind enough to send me over a bottle and i am so excited to use it. their customer service is phenomenal, so no wonder they keep people going back for more.

onto makeup and i got too over excited by topshop palettes… apologies that some have already been swatched, can’t keep my mitts off them long enough.

jemma kidd shadows in cashmere (here, but mine was £3.99 on fragrance direct): two neutral toned creamy shadows to throw in my makeup bag for days when i really can’t be arsed.

topshop palettes in smouldering (here) and tawny (here): i’ve used one shade in the gold quad so far and the quality is really lovely!
MAC paint pots in groundwork (here), bare study (here) and indianwood (here): i used to be a die hard MAC girl and while i’m still a fan, i haven’t bought half as much as i used to from there. these paint pots have been on my wishlist for literal years, but i’ve only just got round to getting them now. silly me.

oh yes i did. even though i disagreed with the £2.95 postage (all postage costs should be banned!) i couldn’t leave them just sitting there on models own website and i’m especially glad as they’re now all sold out online.

fee from makeup savvy has done some beautiful swatches of these shades. my favourite is the green one over black, see here, it’s completely amazing and i don’t want to take it off!

i definitely took advantage of escentual’s 33% off french skincare deal and bought a few gems, the rest are off that utter bargain of a website: fragrance direct.

avene thermale water spray (here): i remember reading on someone’s blog that this did wonders for their skin. bought the hairspray size bottle for the sake of free delivery, it’s bigger than my face!
avene gel cleanser (here): another cleanser to try which i might leave at my bf’s if it’s nice.
la roche-posay mat moisturiser (here): mentioned this before, bought another tube for the sake of the discount. forward thinking helen, nice one.
beeswax and vanilla lip balm (here): amazing to use at night as it’s really moisturising.
lime and coconut lip balm (here): i haven’t used this yet, but my mum said it was nice! and you can totally trust her, she’s pretty reliable.
EOS summer fruits lip balm (here): after wanting one for ages, i eventually bought one with my antipodes order. can’t wait to slap it on.

from fragrance direct:

SPC sweet almond eye balm: nice during the day as it’s quite light. will report back after more use.
nail polishes (top row) rimmel cranberry zest, l’oreal pro-keratin strengthener, l’oreal no 530, NYC light camera glitter, NYC boundless berry and NYC pinstripe white (bottom row) rimmel night before, rimmel rapid ruby, NYC west village, NYC moma, NYC price street and NYC uptown: haven’t tried any yet, but they’re all very pretty! all 99p too.
rimmel 1000 kisses stain in grippy grape: i tried this on the back of my hand and it wouldn’t come off, so that’s a positive right?
max factor 2000 calories mascara: this has good reviews so i’ve got my fingers crossed it’ll add volume without clumping up.

also ordered but not photographed: fudge body builder shampoo and conditioner (amazing, seriously!), osmo blowdry potion (haven’t used yet, but it smells lovely), a macadamia shampoo for my mother (she says it’s nice!) and other polishes by rimmel in torrid and camouflage which i accidentally missed off!


so, that’s my latest beauty haul as i promised in my last one. now i can’t afford anymore skincare/beauty products until next january, but something tells me i’ve got enough for now…

…as i also have an MUA order coming soon which i might tag on the end of a outfit post.

like i said before, i may do mini reviews once i’ve used them for a little bit. fingers crossed that i don’t have any allergic reactions, as i’ve complained umpteen (what a word) times about my sensitive skin.

anyways, hope you enjoyed the post! i secretly do it all for you lot so i’m off to cry at my bank balance now.

ps. there’s still some advertising space left on my blog, prices range from £3-£8, so send me an email!

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