bought: topshop amie wedges (eventually)

hello, this is my face today

and i feel guilty because

i bought new boots!

a while back i posted about how i bought these boots in black and then the person i bought them off was a bitch and never sent them, so i got my money back.
so then i tried to bid on another pair and my ebay went mental and wouldn’t let me bid when i down to the last 10 seconds, so i was very annoyed (especially as they only went for £25!)
so i tried to place a best offer on a different pair and the person wanted stupid amounts for them so i never ended up getting them.

so, i managed to score them in camel on wednesday and the lovely women posted them straight away so i’ve got them now! and i won them for £19.99 in practically brand new condition, i can’t find a mark on them (the mark in the picture is from my silly webcam). they’re still on the topshop website now for £85.

i still want them in black which i might get when my loan comes in because they’re surprisingly comfortable to walk in and don’t hurt my poor ankle at all.

yes this is an entire post about a pair of boots

and i feel guilty because i told my parents they were a present for a friend so they wouldn’t complain at me for buying more shoes (i do have quite a lot)

i got to see my boyfriend today after two weeks of both him and i having lots of uni work so today is a good day