bought: topshop and warehouse

coat – £100, hoodie – £22 and shoes – £28, all from topshop  / jumper – £30, from warehouse. all with 20% off student discount!

today’s purchases. i really wanted the rust coloured coat when i went to topshop last time but they had no sizes in. i bought a 10 today but, as it’s so oversized, i’m going to exchange it for a 6 when they get more in on friday.
i haven’t worn a hoodie since i was about 17 and i had forgot what i was missing. i’m wearing it right now, so ridiculously comfortable.
the jumper from warehouse is a beautiful blend of blacks, blues and yellows. i really love it. and the shoes are just adding to my loafer/slipper collection. i remember when topshop had an extremely similar colour in suede for £55, so glad they brought the cheaper versions out.