bought: topshop items

blue suede ankle strap wedges – £70
khaki leather sleeve trench coat – £90
green suede slipper flats – £50
three things i bought recently from topshop and i’m taking two of them back!

i instantly fell in love with the two pairs of shoes as soon as i saw them on the website, so i ordered them straight away.
they arrived on tuesday and i was so disappointed. the blue wedges are nowhere near as bright as they appear, they’re more of a royal blue which is way darker than i expected.

the green shoes look more like elf shoes! they’re bright green instead of the nice dark-ish suede they appear. so upsetting.

the trench coat, on the other hand, is the most beautiful thing i’ve bought in a while. it looks so smart on and is a beautiful fit. so glad i bought it!

my friends bought me the red version of the wedges above

i think i’m going to return them because a) they got me a size to small just so they had something to give me on my birthday and b) i really don’t like the fit. the ankle strap isn’t long enough on the front to actually sit on the ankle, so it pulls the front of the shoe.

i’m going into town with sharon tomorrow to exchange/return all three pairs of shoes, topshop is going to hate me!