bought: topshop student discount is killing my bank account

navy spot matching set (here) – £27 / ‘achieve’ elasticated side boots (here) – £75 / navy silk matching set (here) – £24 / collarless boucle blazer (here) – £35 / pink textured jumper (here) – £36

so, i’m taking full advantage of topshop having 20% student discount at the moment and decided to treat myself to the above items. well, that and i had lots of things to exchange.
i have a huge obsession with matching underwear, resulting in me being unable to resist buying it. seriously, it’s becoming a problem.
as i have a slight thing for topshop’s ‘ambush’ boots but already have them in three different colours (i know, ridiculous), i decided that the ‘achieve’ boots were a different enough alternative.
i wanted that blazer when it went in the sale but it became sold out pretty quickly. when i was in topshop yesterday, there was one left just hanging on the rail. fashion fate right there people.
and the pink jumper? well, everyone needs at least one girly item in their wardrobe and this is now mine.