bought: trousers, the best lip balm ever and lush products

trousers: topshop / lipbalm: kiehl’s / lip scrub and face mask: lush / eyebrow pencil, white eyeliner and lipgloss: rimmel

hello! i went into town today to see sharon and bought all of the above. i posted about the trousers and face mask before so i had to get them as they were stuck in my head.
i needed a new eyebrow pencil and went to boots, where rimmel had a 3 for 2 offer on. i’ve always wanted to try white eyeliner so i thought i’d give it a shot. the gloss is a perfect topping to lipstick or a pinky nude to wear on its own.
the lip scrub is amazing and smells delicious! and the balm, oh, the balm. it’s possibly the best lip balm i have EVER used. i have major issues with my lips being dry and cracked, vaseline makes them worse and carmex/cocoa butter makes them sting! i had done some revision and found that one from kiehl’s. the mango smell isn’t overpowering and it feels super soft. amazing!