bought: zara + my day out

left to right: metallic sweater (here)- £45.99 / boat neck sweater (here)- £45.99 / snake print shirt (here) – £25.99 / ethnic pattern sweater (here) – £45.99. i also bought dark green jeans but i can’t find them on the website.

i went to manchester on wednesday with my friend jack for a day of dragging him around the shops.
it’s about two and a half hours away on the train and i had to get up at 6am to be on time, as there was a strike so the quickest route to the train station wasn’t working. i had to stand on a bus for 35minutes (at 7am!) with a screaming baby and a woman leaning on my bag, preventing me from getting my headphones out. i arrived in a slightly downbeat mood, you could say. the largest caramel hot chocolate had to be bought to cheer me up.
on the train i taught jack how to understand basic shorthand and wrote messages that i couldn’t say out loud. 
when we got there, i went to topshop to see if they had the shoes that i wanted but couldn’t justify buying as they’re practically identical to another pair i already have. i totally still want them. i bought an ambitiously small velvet playsuit in the hopes i can somehow squeeze into it. i couldn’t just leave it there.
the only zara near me is in a shopping centre which i despise so i had to take full advantage of the one in manchester. much to the reluctance of my bank account.
for lunch i had a falafel and halloumi burger with wedges and jack had a steak at this place called kro, which is one of my favourites. so ridiculously tasty. wish i had taken a picture.
we then went to the vintage shops (post coming soon) and i bought some lovely items. jack bought an amazing pair of nike hi-tops at this little boutique and then nearly lost them. 
as we had a couple of hours to kill after shopping, we went to a few different bars (with krispy kreme doughnuts in tow) and for a wander about.
on the train back we decided to be as classy as can be and bought a pack of 10 cans of strongbow. i think we were sufficiently happy by the time we arrived back at newcastle.
all in all i had a lovely day out and wish i had stayed over for the night (which was the initial plan). i’ll probably be going back at the start of next year as i can’t stay away from the place for longer than a few months. i’ll be going to birmingham next week for the clothes show live with my friend gemma so i’ll be sure to take lots of photos!