How You Can Help Your Fellow Blogger


With Mode Media packing up and leaving a bunch of bloggers without an additional income source – and some thousands of pounds out of pocket as a result – I thought it would be nice to roundup the ways in which you can help your fellow blogger which doesn’t cost you a single penny. Full time bloggers have bills/rent/mortgages to pay like everyone else and, although people seem to keep denying it, blogging and vlogging are indeed jobs these days and they survive on the support of brands and readers. Even those who aren’t full time (like myself) hugely appreciate the extra boost that blogging can bring and this doesn’t always mean monetary support, either, it can be as simple as liking a photo. So, to keep your favourite internet people bringing you free and amazing content on a regular basis, why not give them your support by expending minimum effort on your part?

One: Affiliate Links | There seems to be mixed opinions on affiliate links and I honestly can’t grasp why. It costs you absolutely nothing extra to buy something through an affiliate link that a blogger has posted and, in turn, they can earn a few pennies in return. They’ve sourced the item, bought it, photographed it, wrote the post and shared it on social media – a lot of work huh? So why not click their link and give something back without it actually impacting your bank/life in any way? No brainer.

Two: Ads | I get it, ads are really annoying. Well, some are wonderful, but the majority are irritating (that pregnancy test one, jesus christ) but they’re there for a reason and it’s not just to make YouTube some extra cash. Your favourite YouTubers who put hours and hours into filming and editing videos can earn a living off them and, as a result, keep making those videos that you watch and enjoy for free. So, consider sitting through them (turn the sound off if you wish) and support the person whose content you get for nothing. Similarly with banner advertisements on blogs, just give ’em a click!

Three: Like, Comment, Share | This isn’t a monetary driven thing, but liking a photo or leaving a comment can make a huge difference to someone. With Instagram’s new algorithm, it’s harder to be seen on someone’s timelime and people are now getting half the amount of likes they used to get which is negatively impacting their growth (and potentially their livelihood!). So, when you’re scrolling through Instagram, make sure you like those pics! You’ll get to see that persons photos frequently too, as Insta will assume you like that account so will show you them more often. It’s a win-win with no effort. Similarly, leaving a little comment can give someone the boost they needed or sharing their post on social media, as small as it is, can really help.

I think, especially with these social media owners *cough mostly just anything owned by Facebook because Facebook ruins everything it touches cough* dictating what content we want to see, it’s now more important than every to support your fellow blogger. If we all spent 2 minutes a day sharing a few posts and liking a few photos, imagine the impact that would have on the blogging community? So consider these things next time you make a purchase and really appreciate the effort that goes into each and every post that you’re enjoying for free.

Is there anything else we should do to help bloggers?

Helen x