Christmas Gift Ideas: Hotel Chocolat Treats


Hotel Chocolat Christmas Stocking Fillers

Of course you have to add some chocolate to your Christmas gifts and what better way to do that than with some bits from Hotel Chocolat. They always do cute packaging and their festive flavours are a hit (in my opinion) year after year. However, if you're not a fan of gingerbread or cinnamon, they also do plenty of plain chocolate too.

So, I picked up a few bits for family members and thought I would show you a few stocking filler ideas from the brand. I was also going to include their Velvetiser machine for hot chocolates, but I had to cancel my order due to a certain store *cough Curry's cough*, so you'll have to imagine it's included!

Hotel Chocolat Best-Loved Filled Chocolates

A great stocking filler in cute red packaging containing 8 of their festive flavours. They are: Caramel cheesecake macaron, simple milk truffle, caramel supernova, simple dark bauble, dizzy praline, christmas mess, treacle tart and chocolate orange pot. A lovely mix!

Hotel Chocolat A Dozen Gingerbread Men

Love the design of these! The snowflake-foiled packaging contains 12 little embossed gingerbread men shaped chocolate, and have a hint of gingerbread spice in them too.

Hotel Chocolat White Chocolate Batons

The batons are such a good gift year round, in my opinion! I seem to only eat white chocolate at Christmas so I totally bought these for myself, but Hotel Chocolat's white chocolate is the best.

Hotel Chocolat Peanut Butter Chocolate Batons

I bought these for Phil as he's a big peanut butter fan, but they're really good! They're described as a salted caramel and peanut butter chocolate, and you can really taste the salted caramel first and then the peanut butter at the end.


I would definitely recommend looking at Hotel Chocolat if you're after some festive chocolate! They also do vegan chocolate too.