christmas: presents and other things

hello! i hope you had an amazing christmas (or just a really nice day if you don’t celebrate it) with lots of food, family and general niceness. my brain seemed to think i didn’t have a camera on the day so i didn’t get any little festive snaps of the day itself, but i thought i’d share some of the things (in a totally non-bragging etc way) that i was kindly given to me by my family and boyfriend:

my parents got me vivienne westwood’s boudoir as i’ve wanted it forever, it smells exactly like the VW store and i adore the scent. they also added to my cleanser collection with emma hardie’s moringa cleansing balm which i used for the first time yesterday. it’s left my skin feeling very soft, but i’m not sure if i’m using it right, how much are you supposed to use? answers appreciated. as i only have 1/3 of a bottle of no 7’s dry body oil left, they bought me a new one. the body moisturiser addict in me is pleased.
my lovely boyfriend got me a philosophy shower gel, as i get one every christmas. they’re so worth the money as my last one lasted me a massive eight months! this one is cherry flavoured and smells exactly like a bakewell tart, it’s amazing.
another bottle of perfume came from my sister. she knew i had wanted gucci guilty (intense, i don’t do EDT, what’s the point of something that lasts two minutes and you use twice as much?) for so long so i’m glad she bought me it! it came wrapped in an amazing gucci box which you can see here on my instagram.

i don’t know about you, but there’s so many lipsticks and nail polishes i want from topshop at the moment! my parents bought me jem, panther and brighton rock lipstick. can’t wait to try them out!

i think my favourite present has to be one from the boy in the form of urban decay’s smoked palette! i know this sounds like a stupid statement, but it creates the best smokey eye! i had never tried their primer potion before but it’s definitely a winner, as is their eyeliner pencil. everything stays put all day (10hrs+) and the colours are beautiful! boy did good.
i was bought a few other things such as nail polishes off the bf’s mum, assassins creed 3 because i am a massive xbox nerd, a bright blue crocodile ipad case, some beauty essentials like those scrubby gloves (addicted to them) and a boatload of chocolate! i’m extremely grateful for every single little bit.
and the fun doesn’t stop there, no sir, onto my secret santa present…

remember in this post when i said i was participating in the moneysupermarket blogger secret santa? well, i opened my presents the other day and i want to share with you what the lovely ayden bought me!

first of all, i actually received her gifts when i was away in morocco and didn’t want to open them as they were too pretty!  i’m one of those people who really like packaging so you can imagine how happy i was with this!
anyways, onto what she bought me:

first of all, she bought me a map where you can scratch off where you’ve been, which i will be using. i’ve been toying with the idea of buying the WAH nail art book for ages, so i was so pleased when i got it! i will be trying out a number of different looks and shall post them on here or instagram if they turn out good! her card was so sweet aswell, with a lovely message written inside. it was really nice to read so thank you for that ayden!

so all in all, i’m very happy with my presents and i want to say a massive thank you to the lovely ayden for being so thoughtful with her choices. she’s already told me that she loves her presents from me, including wearing the tshirt the day after she received it, which was a lovely to hear! you should definitely check out her blog to see what i bought her!

hope this post isn’t too long!

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